Rustic-tech is the new trend among millennials. There is not a large market for ultra-modern homes. Most young homeowners prefer a home that has a mix of traditional and contemporary style. The current design trends might seem like a contradiction, but millennials love combining natural materials and modern technology.

Combining Old and New
Barn doors are common millenial design trends, and some homeowners are using the doors to define space. A rustic door in a sleek kitchen can give a home the perfect blend of old and new. Wood cabinets and stainless steel appliances are also trending. Dark cabinets contrasting light countertops are popular options. In other areas of the home, colorful LED lights are replacing traditional lights. It is common to see red and blue lights in kitchens, bathrooms and fireplaces. New toilets and showers have built-in LED lights.

Pops of Color and Crown Moulding
Millennials are adding pops of color to walls and appliances. A white kitchen may have a pale green backsplash. Tiles are used to create rustic wall art, and handmade clay tiles are also part of the millenial design trends. Millennials want their homes to have a modern style and clean lines. Large floor tiles are seamlessly installed to give the appearance of a monolithic floor. Some young buyers still prefer crown mouldings, but many prefer a more streamlined simple style. They may choose not to include wainscoting or chair rail moulding.

Intergrated Technology
Most new buyers want to reduce clutter, and technology is changing the way the modern home looks and functions. Some homes have an electrical outlet strip that is installed under the cabinets. Instead of a tangled mess of cords being front and center, standard outlets and USB ports are secluded behind cabinets.

More Closet Storage Space
Newer homes have built-in closet storage space, and they also have extra storage space in the laundry closet. Millennials who purchase larger homes have a wall of built-in cabinets. Some homes have an L-shaped bench that is used for seating and storage. The traditional mudroom has been transformed into a storage area for the whole family.

More people in the generation are searching for the perfect balance between the yin and the yang. Vintage pieces and contemporary lighting are putting a twist on the modern home. Designers are expecting these trends to remain popular for the next few years.