Closets have evolved beyond mere utilitarian storage spaces, especially for clothes. Now they’re so much more – walk-in closets, in particular. The latter have become chic havens with luxurious seating and beautiful clothes on display like one’s own boutique. Some even have coffee makers. 

You would think with all the space a walk-in closet offers, that clutter would be nonexistent. However, even walk-in closets need organizing to keep them free of clutter and mess. Plans with pre-designed systems such as built-in rods, shelves, drawers, and shoe racks, can offer a variety of options for a walk-in closet. 

If you’re looking to remodel your closet, first decide how you wish to use your closet. How much do you want to put in drawers and how much do you want to hang up? Do you have a lot of jewelry or scarves? Do you like cubby holes for your purses? You also need to know the size of your closet. This information will help you to decide how to build your custom closet storage.

Another idea is to use crown moldings to add a touch of elegance and gives closet systems a custom look. A seating area will make your closet feel more like a boutique. Sitting while selecting your outfit will feel more like shopping. Don’t forget boutiques are all about displaying clothing. A valet rod not only helps you to set aside what you plan to wear the next day, it can also display a favorite beautiful dress.

A jewelry organizer not only gives a closet a touch of sophistication, it also gives each piece of your jewelry a place of its own and protects it from dust or from tarnishing. If you don’t want to go with one that is built in, a free-standing jewelry armoire will serve the same purpose (not to mention cost less).

Tie racks are not just for ties anymore. If you have a few extra-long necklaces, tie racks are a good option for storing and displaying them. If you prefer storing clothes and/or accessories in drawers, dividers are a great way to keep everything in place. They also make finding things much easier and quicker.

Nothing says luxury and elegance like cherry cabinetry. This can give a closet the look of a high-end, stylish boutique. How about a chandelier to add glamour to the space? It can be traditional glass or the edgy new trend of black.

Extra touches, such as flowers, framed pictures, and glass drawer pulls, will make a closet even more uniquely yours. Even with all those glamorous features and killer storage, a closet can only look so chic with dirty clothes lying on the floor. Built-in hampers (or free-standing ones) can keep those unsightly items discreetly off the floor and out of view.

Whatever idea you have for your walk-in closet, own it like a boss!