When it comes to storing clothes, shoes, and other accessories at home, a coat closet becomes your best friend. It enables easy access to things as you just reach for them quickly and go on with your business. A coat cabinet is also crucial in freeing up your everyday bedroom wardrobe by storing sizeable items. However, the coat wardrobe often gets filled up with so many things that it becomes a hustle to find a particular item in the wardrobe. If this is the case for you then it is time to clean up your cubicle. Follow these tips to use your coat cabinet more effectively.

Put some lighting
An often-overlooked feature in cabinets is proper lighting. Lots of coat closets do not come with good lighting yet it is necessary. Contact an electrician to set up a light for you or give a go at the popular LED light strips which are run by battery.

Do not store wet items
As much as you might be in a hurry when removing wet items like clothes and shoes, be careful not to put them immediately in the cabinet. Ensure that they are completely dry before storing them in the wardrobe. This is because wet items contribute to the growth of mold and can mess your cabinet too.

Get a shoe rack
You are probably putting your shoes on the top shelf or right on the floor. They could get rather messy when you pile them up or bundle them over. Getting a good shoe rack will bring order in how you store your shoes and will be very much helpful for heavier shoes like boots which need lots of space.

Invest in good hangers
From afar, all hangers may just look the same. Yet there is a big difference in quality hangers and average hangers. Plastic hangers breaking is a common occurrence and many wire hangers are susceptible to loss of form. You need to get long-lasting hangers especially those which can manage to hold bulky garments.

Change your closet according to seasons
Does your winter cabinet and your summer cabinet still look the same? You could be having a problem there. Yes, you fancy snow boots in your cabinet during winter, but how are they of any use in the remaining seasons? They just fill up your wardrobe and take up lots of space yet they are not being used. To arrange your cabinet properly, sort things out according to the season and put away those which are not in use. You could put them in labeled containers and seal them then store them elsewhere.

Hang your coats and garments in the order of their length
There could be some coats in your closets which you’ve never put on simply because you hung them without considering their length and they got jumbled up in the mix. Proper hanging will bring a big difference to your cabinet as it will be easier to identify and pick coats since they will all be visible.

Fully exploit your shelves
Upright spaces in many wardrobes are often not utilized. An example is the space above the closet rod. This space can be used to store bins or baskets containing similar items and when the need arises you can select a required bin. This will be more orderly and will save you the trouble of going through a pile of bundled items when looking for something.