Modern styling and finishes appear to blend more with cabinets and storage units. A few years back, obtaining sleek and efficient cabinets had limits. Such was due to fewer finishing options. White and wood grain surfaces were the primary finishing surfaces. However, there have been new and trending options that can serve the purpose.

Cabinet-s and other storage units help to serve many office functions of storage. For offices, video conferencing closets are what they demand. Maintenance is thus encouraged to achieve durability.

Softening Colors

Organizations are now ditching the traditional white color for different shades. The most adopted by the organizations are pale colors. These colors, known as pastels, are a mixture of other colors with the white color.

A pale shade of these colors allows organizations to realize specific themes. The colors also allow for less maintenance since it takes time for their quality and shade to worsen.

Some examples of these colors include:

  • Pale blue can bring the American cultural theme.
  • Navy blue pastels can help to avoid using black colors.
  • Shades of grey with wood grains can inspire outdoor camping themes.

Light Absorbent Finishes

Popularly known as matte, these dull colors can absorb light when used for finishing. They make people comfortable and happy, unlike the glossy light reflecting ones. Modern design has now switched to these shades, which are soft and good-looking. These matte shades thus need some sanitizing to deal with microbes.

Glossy finishes are good in some cabinets and closets to enhance lighting effects. These shiny surfaces can thus serve as mirrors.

The Texture of Nature

Various finishes can work very well to inspire nature indoors. Plant and stone decorative elements have been widely used to achieve this theme. The rusty orange-brown and yellow-orange colors are perfect for achieving a sunshine theme. These colors have replaced the formerly used cool grey color.

Woodgrain surfaces also captivate and inspire a natural theme. Woodgrain is also durable for frequently used cabinets and storage units. Other alternatives include the new and upgraded melamine and laminate surfaces.

Metallic Accents

Metallic surfaces are also very efficient for accomplishing good finishing. Both warm and cool, they excite when adopted as finishing materials. These metallic surfaces also work well to attract people.

When decorations are not used, they act as naturally welcoming surfaces in offices. They can blend with many materials to achieve a good final look. Some of these materials include:

  • Stone
  • Wood
  • Matte shades
  • Glass
  • Shiny surfaces

Combinations for different designs are thus not limited.

Uniform Rigid Edges

The edges of cabinets and other storage units are also crucial to achieving a nice finish. It is easy to spot the edges, which makes them a key area to focus on. Using minimal hardware and avoiding glue lines helps you achieve the standard quality.

The zero-joint edge banding adhesive process can help you with good quality. The edges seem to be part of the unit with the use of this method. Other methods include:

  • EVA glue
  • PUR glue
  • Pre-coated glue layer

Make sure to avoid gaps when fixing the edges.

With these many options, designing a storage unit should not be a challenge. Make sure to seek professionals to help you realize your finishing goals.