Heading into the new year, luxury home buyers are searching for style, convenience, and recreation opportunities. Here is a look at some of the top luxury design trends and features heading into the new year.

Inside The Home

High end home buyers are interested in single story homes more than multistory properties that have more space. Buyers are looking for multiple car garages to show off their fleet of luxury cars. Designer styled kitchens are an important feature, as these kitchens come with commercial appliance as well, as buyers want smart house automation, voice activation, elite security systems and exterior cameras.

A major selling point is having spacious walk-in-closets in every bedroom. Buyers want oversized closet space with built-in organization. Another common feature in luxury homes are collapsible window walls, where the space between indoor and outdoor living disappears into the wall. This is an important feature for people who want to be able to flow from their kitchen to outdoor spaces. Luxury home buyers would like extensive counter space and commercial upgrades inside their kitchen. Storage is also important. In regards to the bathroom, buyers are looking for features such as steam showers, body jets, heated toilet seats, and touch less plumbing.

Renovation Requests

Buyers are looking for recreation space throughout the entire year. Buyers want space for large scale sporting activities. Inclement weather should not be a hindrance, which is why there are common requests for full size basketball courts, indoor tennis courts, and covered surf simulators.


Adding entertainment value to the home is always a good investment. Some popular additions to luxury homes include workout rooms, theaters, and pools. Pay attention to the market to find out what features are the most popular among buyers. Avoid investing money into high maintenance items that you only use occasionally.

Top Luxury Amenities

There has been increased demand for smart home technology systems. Homeowners want the ability to control their home systems with their fingertips, or by using their smartphones. While wine cellars have always been a popular item, buyers also want chilled glass enclosed wine rooms to help showcase their collection. In regards to colors, mixed metal is a popular choice for luxury home buyers, followed by oil rubbed bronze, chrome, and antique brass.

Important Rooms

For many buyers, the most important room varies. Some buyers like their bedroom, while others may like the living room or basement.

Important Information For All Real Estate Agents

The most important thing to luxury home buyers is having a home that is unique. Regardless of the colors, textures, materials, or architecture, the home should have features that distinguish itself from other homes.