It seems like some people are born with a gift for organization. They never seem to never forget an important meeting or run late because they cannot find their keys. In fact, these individuals were not born with superpowers. They have simply mastered techniques that help them make the best use of their time and energy. The following are a few organization secrets to help you reduce the chaos in your life. 

Become a List Maker:

Most of us have experienced the panic of waking up in the middle of the night and suddenly realizing that we have forgotten to take care of an important task. Creating a daily “to-do” list can ensure that critical items do not fall through the cracks. For the list strategy to work, you need to keep things realistic and manageable. In the case of major projects, try breaking the task down into smaller components that will not cause you to feel overwhelmed but will still keep you moving forward.

Everything in Its Place:

Searching for phones, keys, and wallets can add even more stress to an already busy morning. Create a one-stop charging station for all electronics, and add a basket, tray, or hooks just inside the door for keys and other items. This will keep you on track and on time as you try to get out the door in the morning.

Be Willing to Accept Good Enough:

Most organized people are not overly concerned with perfection. Regardless of the job, they are willing to make quick decisions and stick to them, which allows them to keep the task moving forward so that they utilize their time more efficiently. For example, when attempting to clean out your closet, try not to worry about whether or not your clothes are hanging in a perfectly organized rainbow, and focus on the big picture of getting rid of the unused items so that you can see what you actually have. 


Organized people are willing to toss unnecessary items. Grab a large trash bag, and start tossing unused items as you go through each room of your home. Avoid the temptation to over think your decisions. For example, if you have been holding on to a magazine for the past six months in the hopes of eventually reading it, you should let it go. If you are having trouble deciding which clothes to cull from your closet, start by hanging everything backward. As you wear an item, hang it in the opposite direction. This will help you instantly see the items that you wear most frequently.