The choice can be as vital as teaching your child life survival skills. Learning how to organize and clean up after yourself are qualities that do not just benefit your household schedules. Both are qualities to pull from the day junior becomes employed or begins his household.

To some eyes, toy organizing in boxes, bins, and carts causes more clutter on another level. Covered in a minefield of storage solutions, the open room never seems to neaten up. For those of you rearing children in especially small spaces, try toy organizing in the closet.

Concealed Solutions

Readymade cabinets and economical planning of space can update any room. Add in a splash of color and the interior space comes alive with joy.

Mixed Storage

A rule of thumb for making personal storage for your child's toys is in knowing what is available in an arm's length. Focus your organizing efforts at a level that is conscious of easy access for the child to their belongings. When considering solutions for items behind doors, use the space for putting away sports gear, clothes, and books. Pairing closed with open structures, keeps frequently sought after items at a fingertip's distance.

Books and Reading

For closed shelving storage, try using canvas baskets to store small reading items. Save jumbo coloring and favorite books for a bookshelf in the bedroom. As for fabric bins, use labels to identify contents by cutting stock to fit inside the lip of the label frame.

Finding the Right Fixtures

Basic contractor fixtures are the mainstays in small spaces; choose to upgrade light fixtures with larger mounts and bright bulbs. Also, consider replacing handles to the doors with levers for easy handling. Lastly, pair simple pulls for doors and drawers to make it easy for little hands to open and close.

Choosing Closet Flooring

The closet space, where you and your child are investing your time, may still have the dirty green shag carpet that came with the residence. Before another plastic green army man or bowl of cheerios disappears into the carpet jungle forever, consider replacing the rug with laminate flooring. Choosing wood will make for an update that is easily cleaned. With a simple DIY installation of a floating floor, you will eliminate high contractor expenses.

Final Considerations

Closet makeovers for a child's toy storage is a smart decision for those kids who have many interests on teams, friendships, and in solitary play. The resulting bedroom is clean and open for noisy and quiet play. Take the time to evaluate the needs for storage as your child grows. One can grow out of sports equipment, toys, and clothing in less than a single season. Try keeping a schedule for downsizing and phone numbers for donations to local charities.

Lastly, as a parent, understand that some toys are hard to give up. Consider letting the little one choose a handful of belongings to keep. Over the adult years, the cache will cause a sentimental return to childhood.