AI digital closets are becoming quite the trend these days. Individuals who saw the 1995 movie "Clueless" first got a taste of the virtual closet technology that mixed and matched wardrobes of different styles and brands. This type of digital experience has now come full circle with the introduction of Stylistic's new e-commerce virtual closet.

Styled For You and Dynamic Galleries are the latest in a suite of artificial intelligence products that brings shoppers and retailers together.

"This is a shopper's dream. People have always admired what Cher from Clueless had in her closet. Now they can utilize it in real-time," said Stylistic CEO Rohan Deuskar.

The technology is a great tool in identifying items that the shopper may have ordered in the past, or what other things they may have browsed over. This type of artificial intelligence provides consumers a new and innovative way to shop. In addition to driving customer loyalty, it also offers a more personalized experience.

Styled For You understands the way the shopper shops and the different types of style they are open to. It has a number of dynamic ways to update a wardrobe.

Dynamic Galleries presents results based on the shoppers profile. There are several useful filters that break results down by categories like past purchases, browsed items, brands, and even color choices. The results include both visual and textual cues showing why and how the results are displayed.

Deuskar said in a July interview that he is pleased at how the technology has turned out. So far, the changes have been positive and it definitely plays a role in how people shop. According to Deuskar, the new homepage is filled with product pages. He says there is definitely more awareness thanks to social media and word of mouth.

"All of the cross-selling and brand building that previously happened on the homepage can be found on the product page. Retailers can now capture the interest of the shopper and encourage them to shop for related product," said Deuskar.

The digital closet definitely gives you the opportunity to unlock wardrobe potential. You can discover new brands, outfit combinations, and insights to what you do and don't wear. You can also take a style quiz and even create many things you like based on suggestions.

Just gain access to the technologies to see if they work for you. Most people are pleased by the new opportunities and dynamic ways it enhances their shopping experience.