When people think about current trends, the most popular thing that comes to mind is fashion and beauty trends. However, every aspect of life is quickly evolving, resulting in new trends everywhere, including storage and organization.

Having a well-organized home or office makes it feel and look bigger, helps improve productivity, and makes it easier to find items without making a mess. Utilizing organizational and storage trends ensures you remain organized and feel trendy at the same time.

Eliminating plastics

Plastic storage containers and baskets used to be the number one item people reached for when planning to organize their spaces. However, with increased environmental conservation and preservation, people are quickly replacing those with glass and metal jars.

Natural materials

Regarding environmentally friendly and sustainable practices, people are using more natural materials like jute, rattan, and woven baskets. They also help increase the room's aesthetic and set a theme.

Cabinets over shelving

Open shelving has been a popular storage concept for a long time in kitchens, laundry rooms, kitchens, and offices, which allows people to add decorating items to the shelves.

However, people are going for a clean and minimalist look, increasing the popularity of closed cabinets. Some of those cabinets even come with a push mechanism instead of handles.

Matching containers

In the past, people preferred to mix and match their storage containers with the colours of their houses or office. However, thanks to the minimalist trend, people are going for matching containers, mostly neutral or clear tones like tan and brown. In addition to the aesthetic, it also gives a homey and cozy vibe.

Emphasis on the home office

In the past, a home office was an addition for people with big homes. However, remote working has become a norm during and after the pandemic, requiring everybody to have a home office.

Many people have focused on transforming spare rooms into home offices or remodelling their old ones. The excellent news is that there are numerous cheap and attractive office organization supplies in the market.

Vertical space

In the past, many people installed cabinets and shelves up to one or two feet below the ceiling. However, the storage is becoming taller and taller these days, some even reaching the ceiling, which is an excellent way to use small rooms.

Including aesthetic touches to the closet

A closet is traditionally used to store clothes and shoes. These days, however, people are using them as a way to decorate their rooms. That has driven people to add aesthetic touches like wallpaper behind the clothes or shelving. Others are adding artificial plants and LED lighting.

Focusing on the laundry room

Traditionally, the laundry room was usually full of clutter, and where people threw things they did not want to lie around the home. They also used to be the smallest rooms in the home.

However, this year promises bigger laundry rooms with a lot of storage space to avoid clutter.

Custom closets

In the past, people did not mind the closet that came with the house they lived in. However, these days, whether buying or building a home, more people are installing custom built-in closets, which meet their unique needs in terms of space and orientation.

Out with the labels

Professional organizers heavily emphasize the importance of labels because they make it easier to locate items without making a mess. However, in 2023, many people are discarding the labels on their storage containers for aesthetic purposes and flexibility to use the containers for various purposes.