Every spring we hear the term “spring cleaning” to reference many things like cleaning out your pantry, deep cleaning your home, and even cleaning out your closet. Sometimes, people spring clean by updating their outdoor areas in their home. However, most people see spring cleaning as a time to really clean out the interior of their homes.

No matter what you consider to be the best form of spring cleaning, donating, pitching out, or finding the right place to store them.  In this article, you will find just a few tips on how to get a jump on spring cleaning and get the job done right.

Storage:  To create a tidier look in your closet, try adding drawers for more storage. You can get a solid wood box that has drawers, add some chrome slides, and more to create an elegant look for your room. You can keep all your small things like socks, t-shirts, and underwear. You want to make sure you get a set of drawers that will not warp or deteriorate after a time because they will get quite a bit of use. You can even use smaller drawers to keep things like jewelry, sunglasses, and smaller items that tend to get lost in your wardrobe over time.

Hang-Ups:  The more you hang up in your closet, the less likely you will need to iron your clothes later. This can mean hanging up your pants and t-shirts to avoid having to get out that iron each time you get stressed. A great way to organize your wardrobe in a better way is by getting a double hanging option. This gives you more space for hanging shirts, shorts, skirts, and pants, and with more space comes fewer wrinkles in the long run.

Corners:  You shouldn’t let your corners go to waste. I mean, they are valuable space too. If you find a great L-shaped shelf for your corners, you can add a few to your space to create a better connection between other shelves. It will give you more storage space to put things like shoes or bags as well.

Shoes:  Speaking of shoes, the spring is a great time to get rid of the old spring shoes that you no longer wear or might be worn out. If you have good pairs of shoes, you can always donate them, especially if they’ve just been taking up space in your closet. Keep a few pairs that you wear or a regular basis, and invest in an adjustable shelf for shoes. You can then find your shoes quickly without having to rummage through your room.

Spruce Up:  Spring cleaning can also be a great time to spruce up your decorating inside your home, especially in your wardrobe. Many organizing systems are made with both functionality and design in mind. Add a little paint to your space to create color. You would be surprised how easy it can be to create a little fun in your wardrobe area.

Conclusion:  When you get your closet completely cleaned out, redecorated, and redesigned, you can then begin adding your clothing back inside. As you put things away, look through them to find what you want to keep and what you want to donate. When your home is completely organized, you can begin to enjoy that nice and relaxing time of the year that is best shown in the Springtime.