If you are frustrated with a messy bathroom, then it is time to clear away the clutter before creating organizing systems. Having a disorganized bathroom can make it difficult to get ready for work or school, and if multiple individuals are trying to use the space at the same time, then it is more challenging. Fortunately, there are fantastic bathroom organization and storage ideas available to reduce the clutter. 

1: Remove Everything From the Cabinets and Drawers

Get a large container to fill with everything from all of the bathroom’s drawers, cabinets and shelves. Use a mild cleanser such as dish detergent mixed with water to scrub away the debris from the shelves and drawers with paper towels. While the sanitized surfaces dry, begin to sort through the items in the large container. Throw away the expired medications, outdated makeup and almost empty bottles of shampoo before putting the good items back into the organizational systems. 

2: Categorize the Bathroom Clutter

After getting rid of unneeded items in your bathroom, categorize things before placing a jar on a shelf or inside a drawer. For instance, you might want to put all of your cold and allergy medications in one area of a cabinet while having your makeup in a different area. If there are small items that tend to get lost under larger things, then use a small plastic box or larger shoebox to hold tweezers, toenail clippers or eyelash curlers. 

4: Install Organizing Devices In Your Bathroom

If your bathroom doesn’t have enough organizational systems, then you need to install new devices such as shelving units that pull out from cabinets or metal hooks that hang on the walls. Think carefully about how you need to organize hair dryers, bathroom linens or cleaning supplies before buying anything. After installing the proper organizational systems in your home’s bathroom, get into the habit of putting things back into the same places each time. 

5: Optimize a Bathroom’s Countertop Space

When a bathroom has a lot of countertop space, look for items that you can use that will raise clutter from the surface. If you have a tiered dessert tray in your kitchen that is never used, then use it to store small items such as eyebrow pencils or hair embellishments. Add wire baskets to the countertop to hold rolled washcloths, facial tissue or hair curlers. 

6: Organize the Bathtub or Shower Stall

If your shower stall or bathtub is a mess because there are bottles sitting on the edges, then you need to buy a wire organizer that hangs over the showerhead. When there are towel racks above the bathtub, use plastic clips to hang your children’s toys or their wet washcloths. You can buy each person in your family a container with a handle to hold all of their own personal care supplies. 

Maintain Organization In a Bathroom

Once a week, spend a few minutes organizing the clutter in your bathroom to keep it neat.