Are you struggling to find a solution for your ever-growing shoe population? When designing your custom closets, consider a designated spot where your shoes can be easily accessible and organized. Whether you are thinking outside the box or sticking to the more traditional methods, there are many practical shoe storage options for you to consider. If you are looking for inspiration, the following ideas may help you create a practical shoe closet storage:

  1. An Over-the-Door Shoe Organizer: This is the most simple and practical solution for those with a small to mid-size shoe collection. You will find these organizers in various styles to typically accommodate anywhere from 15-25 pairs of shoes. The best part about shoe storage options like this is that it will not take up any space in your room. There is typically no hardware or installation involved, either. Simply attach it to the back of your door and you're good to go. If you're looking for an inexpensive solution, consider a hanging shoe organizer with plastic or vinyl pockets. Pockets are transparent so you can easily view the contents. This "no frills" options does what it is intended to do. It keeps your shoes dust-free and organized for easy reach. If possible, choose pockets made with "breathable" mesh material for the best ventilation. This will help prevent mildew and keep shoes fresh and odor free. Another option is a resin or powder-coated metal over-the-door shoe rack.
  2. A cube closet Shoe Organizer: Think of this as closet storage for your shoes. The "cube" will typically feature about 12-15 compartments or cubbies that will each hold a pair of shoes. Even better, these shoe cubes may be stacked easily so you can expand your storage as needed. Place the cubes inside a closet or in the corner of the room. Cubed shoe organizers are made of laminated wood, typically in your choice of white finish or walnut. 
  3. A Shoe Storage Bench: You've probably seen storage benches and ottomans with a hinged lid for storing items inside. A shoe storage bench is a similar concept, only larger. Use it for concealed shoe storage and it doubles for bedroom seating. You can place the bench beside your bed and it becomes a place to sit as you put your shoes on. Alternatively, a large walk-in closet is an ideal place for the shoe storage bench. 
  4. A Bookcase: That's right, most any bookcase can be transformed into a neatly organized shoe organizer. If you don't happen to have a spare bookcase around the house, scout your local flea market or thrift shops for a bargain. 
  5. Repurposed Shoe Organizers: Now it's time to think outside the box and put your imagination to good use. DO you have an old wooden pallet at your disposal? How about an old wooden crate? You can paint these or leave them unfinished, but either way they will make unique shoe storage options for you to consider. Place the crates under the bed or in your custom closet. 
  6. Custom Solution:  We provide several different custom shoe storage solutions that will fit your current shoes and have room for expansion in the future.  The beauty of a custom solution is not only does it blend with your current closet space but it can be fully customized to fit your shoe collection.

There you have it. Six useful and sensible ideas for storing your shoes. Enjoy!