When you go on a vacation, you do not want to return home to a disorganized and dirty home. The best way to solve this problem is by cleaning a home before leaving in order to make it easier to put away luggage, clothing and souvenirs quickly. Home organization can make you feel calmer on a daily basis, and makes you feel much better.

One: Get Rid Of the Clutter in Your Home
If your home is stuffed with possessions, then it is more difficult to keep it clean. Several weeks before your vacation, begin by getting rid of clutter such as old magazines or clothing. Take time to sort through every closet and bureau drawer to clear out the junk in your home that collects dust and takes up too much space.

Two: Have the Correct Types of Storage Devices
In order to have the best home organization, buy the correct types of storage devices, including washable plastic totes with lids. With storage containers, you can keep seasonal clothing, bedding and mementos clean and safe. You can also use plastic containers in a kitchen to store pasta, rice and utensils or in a bathroom to organize cotton balls and makeup.

Three: Clean the House before you leave
Home organization requires maintaining a weekly cleaning schedule to keep debris out of a home. By mopping and vacuuming floors once a week along with dusting furniture, your home will have better air quality. Because you have reduced the clutter inside a home, it is faster to sanitize bathroom or kitchen fixtures and countertops.  If the house is clean prior to your arrival back home

Four: Empty Trash Cans 
Make sure to buy a trash can that has a lid for your kitchen, and also, use garbage bags to keep the containers clean. Place small wastebaskets in your home’s bathrooms, bedrooms and a home office to avoid having pieces of paper or empty plastic bottles on the top of a desk or on a countertop. Empty wastebaskets and trash cans frequently and once again prior to leaving the house.

Five: Wash Your Dirty Dishes Before Leaving Home
Don’t leave a stack of dirty dishes and cookware in your kitchen sink or on countertops when leaving a home for a vacation. Take time to wash pans, cutlery and dishes before taking a vacation to avoid having dried food particles and grease on these items. Wash the dirty items by hand or use a dishwasher, and also, make sure to put the things away in drawers and cabinets.

Six: Clean Your Kitchen’s Refrigerator 
Cleaning your kitchen’s refrigerator is your last home organization task before leaving on a vacation. Throw away perishable items that can create an odor in a refrigerator if you are gone for a few days. Place other items toward the back of the refrigerator to stay colder. Buy a freezer and refrigerator thermometer that will alert you if the temperature has dropped to a dangerous level that can lead to food spoilage.