The warmer days are finally upon us, meaning more time spent relaxing or holding events and parties outdoors. Therefore, this is the perfect time to start planning how to transform your backyard, patio, or garden into your dream outdoor space.

While everyone has different outdoor goals, the main goal is turning the space into a usable, relaxing, healing, and healthy area. It is also essential to make it as trendy as the indoors, so you should look into some of the most popular outdoor decorating trends.

Organic elements

The organic trend has been all the range in different areas like interior design and fashion, but it makes the most sense outside. Environmental conservation and preservation have been a top priority for many people in the past year, which has seen more people add organic elements to their gardens.

Manicured yards with many hardscape features are slowly going out of style as people allow more wilderness into their yards and gardens by having more shrubs, flowers, and stones.

This has seen more people embracing native plants, which are easier to care for. It also introduces numerous pollinator plants, encouraging a healthy growth cycle while creating a natural habitat for some animals.

Wellness yards

Physical and mental wellness has been heavily emphasized over the last few years, mainly after the effects of the pandemic. That has been reflected in numerous other areas, gardening being one.

When designing a yard, more people focus on creating a serene and peaceful area where they can relax and connect to nature. That has, in turn, increased the demand for thoughtful landscape designs.

Edible gardens

This trend has evolved since 2020 when everyone was locked in their homes. Homeowners are increasingly embracing the idea of growing their foods, and videos of people harvesting are all over the internet. Some have full-sized gardens, while others with small spaces opt for raised or sack gardens.

Outdoor kitchens and barbecue stations

More people are becoming comfortable with meal prepping and cooking at home instead of eating outside. An expert from Weber says that experimental barbecue stations and elevated kitchens have become more popular this summer. He adds that contrary to popular opinion, people can prepare more than sausages and burgers on barbecues.

The expert added that as more people gravitate towards this trend, there will be external kitchens and grilling stations for use under all weather conditions. When designing grilling stations, homeowners should also make them safe, covered, and comfortable to use all year round.

Plunge pools

Pools come in handy for everyone during the hot summer days. They are a good place for homeowners and their friends or family to relax and hold events or parties. However, this summer, people are adopting a new pool trend.

Also referred to as digging pools, plunge pools are usually smaller than traditional pools. They are usually big and deep enough to cool off and lounge instead of doing laps.

These pools require significantly less maintenance and inputs, making them more climate-responsible and cost-effective. It is also possible to heat many plunge pools, meaning homeowners can use them as hot tubs and cold plunges.