You know the closet should be organized. It's one of those tasks that you keep procrastinating about doing because it feels like an insurmountable job. Your closet holds all your personal possession, and some of your favorite things, but it's likely filled with chaos too. That can make you feel like your life is chaotic. Experts recommend that you take the organizing in stages. Don't overwhelm yourself and try to follow some of these closet organization strategies.

Small Successes
You need to see the closet evolve as you work on it. Tackle small parts of the closet, so you feel like there's a tiny bit of progress and success. This will give you the inspiration you need to continue. Even a small success can really 

Start with a Blank Slate
If you pull everything out of your closet, you'll be able to start with a clean slate. You can rethink the space in a way that will work better for how you live. For example, if you wear certain clothing more often, it shouldn't be in the back of the closet. Removing everything from the closet will allow you to restructure without being overwhelmed. 

Organize with Friends
Invite a friend over to be the voice of reason. Don't choose the friend who won't be helpful though. Pick the one who will be harsh and honest about the clothing you're trying to stick back in the closet after the purge. It's someone that will take some of that clothing off your hands too. Give her some of the clothing that doesn't work for you anymore.

Purge at the End of Seasons
Many people believe that you should purge before the season like getting rid of summer clothes before summer. In fact, it's easier to do after the season ends. You'll know exactly what didn't work for you or the items you never wore at all. 

Keep Motivation in Mind
While you're purging, think about why you're doing it. Remember the chaos each day as you try to find hidden items. Imagine what it will look like once completed. Think about rewarding yourself with all that extra space, and consider rewarding yourself with a small shopping trip. 

Don't Toss Items You Love
You might have heard that you should throw out an item you haven't worn in a year, but that might not work for you. If you have items that you love, don't toss them into the trash. Instead, move them to the back or top of the closet to make room for items you wear most often. 

Cleaning and organizing your space with these closet organization strategies should make it easier to complete tasks without losing your mind in the process. Purging can be incredibly stressful, and it'll take some time, so be easy on yourself.