If living together with another person wasn’t challenging enough, try sharing closet space with your significant other. A closet is not merely an organizing space; it also represents who you are in taste and style. No matter how much you love your significant other, sometimes you cannot meet each other in the middle when remodeling. Sadly, a significant number of divorces happen during or shortly after renovation projects. Even if you are not remodeling an entire home, with things such as closet design, storage style, organizational preference, and overall home décor to consider, a custom closet to fit both of your needs can be a daunting task.

During the closet renovation process, keep in mind your main goal: to create a comfortable, welcoming and organized space that meets both of your needs. Compromise will be necessary from both sides, but remembering the main goal will help determine which aspects you are willing to compromise on and allow you to design your closet space together.

For some couples, appeasing different tastes is the hardest part. Instead of discussing vague style concepts such as "modern" or "shabby chic", start by each picking out 10 to 15 pictures of styles and closet systems that appeal to you. Share the pictures with your partner, and identify the items you like and dislike. Compare notes, find the ideas you both like and build upon those. If you are working with a professional designer, this is extremely helpful to develop a combined vision, appealing to both your tastes. An expertly trained designer can easily blend two separate styles into a unique fashion, including both traditional and modern aspects. Even if you think there is no common ground, still identify your own preferences because a professional designer can pick out similar concepts and blend them into a unique design scheme. They can even provide suggestions and organizational solutions you may not have considered or even known about.

In the end, the process of creating a closet design can be emotional for all parties involved. You may have to give up a design you truly love, or give in and allow your significant other something you aren’t a huge fan of. As long as you remember that creating a custom closet should be a happy experience with satisfying results for both, it will not become a traumatic event resulting in angst and divisions. Both partners will feel their input is validated and their taste is respected with the design. The home décor will represent both personalities, regardless of how far apart you were at the start of the remodeling project. When both partners are satisfied with the design, a custom closet organizer can create a welcoming environment for both to enjoy.