No one wants to be down the hall from a newborn. Turn your walk-in closet into a creative space that is perfect for baby. Depending on how large the area, you might be able to get by with only using half of the closet space. There will be no drafts from windows, no exterior noise and the temperature will be nicely regulated.

Organizing Clothes and Baby Articles
Outside of a little drawer organization, your new nursery will be a snap to put together. A small crib should only take up 4-feet of wall space and storage can be added using a few of these ideas:

  • Under the crib drawer - You can make your own sliding drawer that fits neatly under a crib by looking for old dressers that have pull-out drawers. Sand and paint or stain the same color as the crib and attach sliders along the crib bottom.
  • Start saving shoe boxes - Remember, infant clothes are tiny. Shoe boxes provide the perfect size for onesies, booties and accessories. Cover with wrapping paper or wallpaper to add color and texture to the area.
  • Make drawer organization panels from cardboard - Separate a drawer in a walk-in closet, dresser or changing table by cutting cardboard into partitions that will keep clothes and other items separated. This step will immediately give the impression of more room and be easier to find clothes quickly.
  • Hanging diaper storage - Save an old diaper box and line it with scrapbook paper for durability and color. Hang it long way on the wall above crib or changing station and fill with disposable diapers. You will always know when more diapers need to be bought.
  • Save that tackle box - Fishing may be on the back burner for awhile, but that doesn't mean that the tackle box cannot be put to good use. Scrub it up, paint it, and store all of those tiny articles, like thermometers, creams and ointments inside.
  • Stackable natural woven baskets - These are great for dirty laundry that needs to be separated according to material and washing instructions. They can also be lined with plastic to keep moisture contained.

Decorate your little area with a flattering framed print, a small shelf with stuffed animals, or drape the area with strips of chiffon, lace or satin. Keep your nursery simple and pleasing by not overcrowded with too much paraphernalia. Simple, straight and clean lines will keep baby's new room peaceful, organized and comfortable.