Some people will have you believe that laundry rooms are the epitome of dull and mundane. They say that their dull cement floors and exposed pipes get put off. But if you have a renovated home or are being renovated, you'll know that cleaning clothes don't need to be boring. Laundry is a necessary part of everyday life. The laundry room design has changed significantly in recent years with the advent of new appliances that offer more than just a simple cycle. Instead, these modern designs are designed with plenty of space and features to accommodate the crazy demands of our time today.

Laundry Room Design Ideas

1. New appliances

All the latest fashions in washing machines and dryers come with many features. Your new appliance will be excellent at cleaning your clothes from preprogrammed cycles like a "quick cycle" to extra-large capacity models that can handle even the heaviest loads. But not only that, but they also tend to be pretty energy efficient.

2. Space management

One of the biggest complaints about laundry rooms today is the amount of space. Even the most miniature washers and dryers are enormous compared with what we used to have just a few years ago. It leads to a lot of wasted space and is a significant factor in increasing the overall size of your home. Since most of us have more than just a single load going at any particular time, you should keep as much space allowed around the washer as possible. It provides more options for storage, so you can easily find what you need without having to rifle through all your clothes.

3. Design

Your laundry room design doesn't necessarily have to be boring and plain. Instead, it can be an alternative way to add more personality and style to your house. You don't even have to go overboard. You can hide your washing machine and drier beneath a beautiful piece of tile or stone that matches the rest of your home's decor. You may even want to consider getting a matching chandelier or something with the same material and color scheme.

4. Technology

The latest washers and dryers have WiFi capabilities to be connected directly to your home network. It allows you to get text messages when the cycle is complete or even receive notifications when your laundry is finished so you can go collect it right away. That's not even counting all the other features that come with these products.

5. Decor

Your laundry room design doesn't have to be limited to just washing machines and dryers. You can also include other things and accessories like cupboards or even areas dedicated entirely to folding clothes. It ensures that your laundry is appropriately organized and maximizes the use of space.

6. Organization

The last thing you want to happen is your clothes and other things being strewn all over the floor. So whatever design you choose for your laundry room should allow you to keep everything in place while still leaving space for cleaning and moving freely.

Laundry rooms today have some great design ideas that you can implement in any home. Everything from new appliances to innovative technology and skilled decorating will help your laundry room from bland to excellent.