When you have a messy linen closet, it is essential to organize the space so that you can store more items along with finding things faster. Here are some of the best organization tips for storing bathroom towels and other linens.

Tip 1: Removing Everything from the Space

Make sure to remove everything from the shelves so that you can purge unwanted items, including worn washcloths or unusable bedding. It is likely that you keep other things in the linen closet, such as medications or cleaning supplies, so you may want to move these items to a safer location.

Tip 2: Sanitizing the Walls and the Shelves

Wash the shelves and the walls with warm water that contains soap so that you can store items in a cleaner space. You may want to adjust the shelves so that you can store things optimally.

Tip 3: Sorting the Items

Sorting through the items in the closet can make it easier to store items efficiently. You may want to have a certain color of towels and washcloths together so that you can have a beautiful bathroom. When you are sorting bedding, you can have pillowcases and sheets that match together, making it easier to change the linens on a bed.

Tip 4: Buy Organizational Containers

You can find attractive organizational containers so that you can keep similar items together on a particular shelf. This can also prevent problems from items slipping and falling from the shelves when you must retrieve something.

Tip 5: Labeling the Shelves or the Containers

Make sure to label the containers, making it easier to maintain the beauty of the linen closet. With labels, other individuals in your family or guests can also find or put away items easily and quickly.

Tip 6: Using Partitions On the Shelves

For additional organization, you can use partitions on the shelves. You can visit a home improvement store to have wood partitions cut to the proper size, creating spaces on the shelves that are more organized.

Tip 7: Use the Top Shelf for Rarely Used Items

You can use the top shelf for rarely used items, including seasonal bedding or bathroom linens. For this shelf, you may need to climb on a ladder to reach the items.

Tip 8: Floor Storage

The floor is the perfect location for hampers or laundry baskets, but you can also use it to store containers of bathroom tissue. With floor storage, a toddler in your home can place dirty linens in the baskets along with retrieving extra toilet tissue.

Tip 9: Eliminating Foul Odors

If the closet has a louvered door, then fresh air can circulate into the space, but you can spray essential oils, including lavender or peppermint inside the space. You can also use a wicker basket to hold scented potpourri so that the space and the items that are stored will smell wonderful.

Maintaining the Space

It is a good idea to maintain the storage space by organizing it once a month.