Closets often become a catch-all area for things that have no other place in the home and this leads to excess clutter and disorganization in the closet. De-cluttering your closets can be challenging but neat and organized closets mean that you can easily find everything you need. The principle behind organizing a closet is basically the same whether it's your clothing closet or any other closet in your home. The following tips can help you de-clutter and organize all your closets so that you can always find exactly what you're looking for.

Plan Ahead
Cleaning closets takes time and it's important to tackle the job when you have enough time to get it done. Be sure to have large trash bags, boxes, and storage bins on hand. The trash bags are for anything not worth donating. Cardboard boxes are ideal for donations and the storage bins can be used to store sentimental items that you simply can't get rid of. 

Be Critical of Your Clutter
De-cluttering can be stressful for anyone who feels the need to hold onto things that they don't really love or need. When you go through your clutter, it's important to be very critical of everything so you don't keep stuff you're not going to use. Many people hold onto clothing in a smaller size hoping to fit into that size again. But you have to consider the fact that once you lose weight, you may want to shop for new things. It can also be difficult to get rid of gifts from loved ones. Don't keep stuff that you don't use and don't love simply because it was a gift. There's likely someone else who would enjoy it and put it to good use. 

How to Get Rid of What You Don't Need
Be sure to get your donation boxes out of the house quickly as packed boxes are simply contained clutter. As soon as you have those donations boxes filled, put them into your trunk so you can drop them off the next time you're out, or you can call some of your local charities as many will actually pick up donation items at your home. Donations are also easier if you choose an organization that you believe in as you know you're supporting a good cause. Consider donating clothing to a local women's shelter or towels and blankets to an animal rescue.

Call in Professionals
Many closets are not built to maximize the space. If you need a different shelving or clothing rack setup, it can be helpful to call in a professional company who custom builds closet systems to specific needs. This can be especially beneficial in homes without a lot of storage space as every inch needs to be utilized so that you have a place for everything. Companies who build custom closets can look at your space and build up your closets to utilize the space in the most efficient way. An organized and functional closet will make every day easier as you look for the things you need.