Use Shelving and Pegboard Systems 

If you are experiencing stress from a cluttered home, then it is time to get organized. A complete home organization can save you several hours a day because you don’t have to look for something that is under a pile of laundry. The best places to begin organizing are the garage or basement. A garage is designed for holding vehicles, lawn care equipment and gardening tools rather than racks filled with clothing or boxes filled with junk. In a basement, you need fast access to the laundry area or climate-control equipment. Begin to purge the excess items from a basement or garage, and use storage systems such as metal shelving or pegboard systems. 

Rearrange the Items in Your Kitchen’s Cupboards

Continue your home organization by cleaning your kitchen to make it easier to prepare meals. Go through the cupboards to throw away the chipped dishes, plastic containers with missing lids or broken small appliances. Place all of your glassware in one cabinet that is near the sink. Stack your cups near a coffeemaker to make it easier to prepare coffee in the morning. Buy wire shelves to place in your kitchen’s cabinets to hold plates and bowls. Sort your canned goods by type to avoid shopping for things that you don’t need. Also, get into the habit of cleaning your kitchen’s refrigerator and freezer every two weeks. 

Install Storage Systems Near a Living Room

Living rooms can become a disaster zone quickly in a home because everyone must walk through the room to reach the kitchen, bedrooms or bathrooms. In many cases, family members drop their winter coats, backpacks and workout equipment in the living room’s entranceway before they begin to watch television. You can fix this problem by having a closet near the doorway to store items. Buy benches with storage space to hold basketballs and baseball mitts. To avoid losing television or other entertainment remotes, have a wicker basket to hold the items on an end table. 

Add Clothing Rods to Bedroom Closets

When the bedroom closets are overflowing with clothing, shoes and accessories, it is time to buy home organization supplies such as containers to hold footwear and handbags. You can create your closet system by installing additional rods in bedroom closets at different levels to hold long dresses, short skirts and regular length jackets. Find a way to sort your clothing that makes it easier to find things, including arranging by color or season. 

Use Small Storage Containers for a Bathroom

The bathrooms in your home can also become a disorganized mess because there are numerous bottles of lotion, shampoo and soap. Using home organization techniques in a bathroom can reduce the amount of time required each day to sanitize the fixtures and countertops. You can install shelving units to hold clutter, or you can give each family member a container to hold their personal items when they need to get ready in the morning or to bathe at night.