Reports released by U.S News & World Report stated that metro Sarasota had retained its ranking as one of America's best places to live. In contrast, Collier County had fallen out of the coveted Top 10 of the annual list. Collier fell out of the list because it's too dang expensive for its workers, but it was saved from a deeper dive when it was ranked as one of the nation's safest places. Marketing companies and tourist agencies use this compilation to draw future residents and visitors. It gives insight into the country's populous metropolitan areas based on the desirability, affordability, and life quality.

NASA-fueled Huntsville was ranked top due to its residents' high quality of life and housing affordability. Last year, Naples was ranked before Florida was placed in the seventh position. However, the 2022-2023 Best Places to Live in the United States left Naples in the 12th position, with the Sunshine State falling behind Sarasota-Bradenton, which was ranked No. 9 nationally. Cape Coral-Fort Myers dropped from No.43 to position 100.

Colorado Springs was ranked second, followed by Green Bay. The real estate editor noted that the ranking's results were influenced by changing preferences, with people moving across the country while emphasizing the quality of life and the affordability.

Major Affordability Challenges

The most expensive place you can ever own a home is Collier in the eastern part of the U.S. However, the rising prices in Lee County will require a first-time buyer needing a median single-family house to have a qualifying income of almost $90 000, an expense which was set at $64, 000 one year ago. Southwest Florida was identified as one of the safest, with Naples coming first, Fort Myers third, and Port St. Lucie. When it comes to quality of life, Naples took the fourth position.

Air quality is a new factor in the latest rankings, and Naples ranked highest of the Florida metros, followed by Fort Myers in the 17th position. Fort Meyers ranked 105 out of 150 because of its job market, which is a major drop in desirability. The cost of living in Sarasota dropped compared to last year and is ranked No. 35 for air quality and 7th for a crime. In the last decade, the metropolitan area of Naples Marco Island was ranked No.1 in renditions referred to as the Gallup-Health ways Well-Being Index, which is based on the resident's views on financial security, health, and a sense of purpose.

In June, Naples was crowned the best beach town by financial analysts at WalletHub, with Travel + Leisure magazine noting that it was the top U.S. beach town to reside in last year. The top ten best places in America include:

1. Huntsville, Alabama

2. Colorado Springs, Colorado

3. Green Bay, Wisconsin

4. Boulder, Colorado

5. San Jose, California

6. Raleigh, Durham, North Carolina

7. Fayetteville, Arkansas

8. Portland, Maine

9. Sarasota

10. San Francisco

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