Whether it's a small apartment or a home with only one closet, it can be tough to share with your significant other without a serious plan of attack. You'll need to work together to plan your closet space so you're both happy with the outcome. He might need hanging space for his suits while she might need a separate place for shoes and bags. You can't haphazardly start tossing your items in the closet with the hope that you'll mesh with your partner's clothing storage needs. 

Make a Design Plan
It's important to discuss the design plan before the design process even begins. When it comes to closet design, most of the time one person will have more space requirements than the other, but you can't assume your partner doesn't have space needs too. You'll have to decide how much to dedicate to hanging space versus space for folded items. Work together with your partner to find a happy compromise for the space. When it comes to a custom closet for two, there has to be space for both people. Decide where his suits will hang. Pick a spot for her shoes and purses. Make sure the closet is a blend of styles and space. 

The Division of Space
Closet design for two people has to have a clear defining line in the space. Without clear, defining lines, the space can become a blur. She'll have her skirts hanging with his pants, or he'll toss his shoes in her space. That's how chaos and disorganization begins to creep into the closet space. When you stay in your dedicated section, you're less likely to lose your sweater in your partner's side of the closet. You'll know exactly where your items are located. 

Organize Together
After designing and organizing the space, there might come a time when the system doesn't seem to be working. If you find yourself without enough room for your items, you can consider purging some things. Take out old sweaters, jeans and t-shirts that you don't wear anymore. You'll find yourself with more room. If that doesn't help, you might have to reorganize the space with your partner. Discuss the problems you're having to find a solution that works for you both. He or she might be willing to give up some space, or you may have to purchase more organizing solutions like hanging storage or under-the-bed storage solutions. 

Custom closets for two people has to fit with their style choices and the amount of clothes and accessories they need to store. That means you'll have to have a discussion with your partner before making solitary decisions. If you don't, you'll end up designing a closet that doesn't work for you both, and that could require changing the plan later. It's a lot more work that way. Your closet design should make use of all available space in a smart way that is accessible for both users.