Millions of dollars are spent by homeowners each year remodeling different areas of the home. Some of the more popular areas that many homeowners are focusing their attention on are kitchens, bathrooms and master closets. If you are thinking about remodeling your space in the near future, you may be wondering what some of the more popular design trends are for these spaces.

Simplistic Designs on Built-In Features
In these spaces, the need for storage cabinets and other built-in features is common. While traditional styles with more ornate detail remain fairly popular with some homeowners, there is an increased trend in using simplistic designs that have clean, crisp finishes. Contemporary and transitional styles are two of the most popular styles that homeowners are incorporating into their spaces, and this is most prevalent in the use of storage cabinets and other related features.

Popular Color Trends
The use of color is prevalent in many of these areas as well. White and gray continue to dominate the market for home renovations, but other colors are increasingly used in these spaces as well. Two of the more popular trendy colors that are now being used are blue and black. Typically, these are incorporated into spaces by using storage cabinets with a high gloss finish for a dramatic look.

Blending Different Types of Materials
Another exceptional trend in home renovations is the pairing or blending of different types of materials. Wood remains popular for use with storage closets and cabinetry, but metal cabinets are also increasingly popular. With both of these materials, other materials may also be used in the space with dramatic results. For example, glass, ceramic and tile can be blended or paired with wood or material to achieve a beautiful effect.

Stylish Doors
Many homeowners love the look of sliding barn-style doors. These are typically made out of rustic or distressed wood with a beautiful finish, and they have gorgeous hardware. Because they slide, they require a substantial amount of wall space, but they are a decorative feature that adds style to the home. They can be used in kitchens and bathrooms as well as to conceal your storage space in a closet.

High Tech Features
Predominantly, kitchens are becoming more high tech, and this trend is most notable with appliances. Many homeowners are paying a pretty penny to incorporate high-end appliances with innovative features into their homes. These appliances may have Internet connectivity and may be linked to a home network for maximum control and functionality. Many appliances also share the same finish as the kitchen cabinetry to give the space a more seamless look.

If you are preparing to remodel or renovate your home in the near future, it makes sense to focus your attention on some of the hottest renovation trends. By incorporating some of these trends into your plans, you can modernize your space while also adding value and appeal to it. Take time to explore each of these hot trends more carefully to determine how these ideas can best be incorporated into your home.