One of the neat things about the technological revolution is how it is always changing how people market their goods. One of the coolest marketing tools coming up is augmented reality, which enables your tablet or phone to modify how you perceive reality using the electronic device as a lens. Using apps, the software can modify the reality as perceived, adding features as required by the app and requested by the user. Although this used mostly for games, such as fighting aliens roosting on buildings using lasers, retailers have been catching on that they could use it for a variety of different marketing campaigns and apps. 

On the subtle side, this means that a telephone can be used to help sell make-up. An app will use the camera to take a picture of the person’s face, which the person can this use as a virtual mirror. Selected make-up can be applied to the face to see how they may look when the make-up is actually applied. If the person likes the make-up, the specific items can be ordered and either be shipped immediately or be ready for pick-up in short order. Not only does this allow the person to try make-up combinations that they would never think of in the privacy of their own home, but allows them instant access to that make-up. There also apps available for nail colors as well. 

This can help in a variety of clothing concepts as well. Consider shoes: There are apps that allow you to take pictures of your feet in specific configurations; you can then use the app to overlay shoes on your feet to see which shoes work the best for you. You can also use apps to do regular clothes shopping, as you can use the app to do the same thing to other wardrobe items, and then change the color of those to see which clothes look best on you. You can then either order the specific clothes online or see if they are in stock.  A virtual clothing store will give your closet some stylish perfectly fitting new looks without ever having to leave the house. 

Personal fashion is hardly the limit. De Beers has a great jewelry app that allows you to virtually try on a wide variety of their inventory based on criteria that you decide, such as specific cuts, stones, or even price ranges. This applies to furniture as well, as companies such as Ikea allow you to take pictures of rooms inside your house; you can then check out how various pieces of furniture will look in your house. Obviously this augmented reality app can help you save a lot of time shopping and make sure that the furniture will at least fit your house. Suffice to say that there also interior designer apps if you want to do more than just upgrade your furniture. 

While some of the apps are still somewhat simplistic, even cartoonish, they will nonetheless get better as time goes on. It should be interesting to see how the apps get better and even more personalizable for a person’s needs. Technology can be a great marketing tool, and it augmented reality is just the beginning.