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  • Keeping Your Home Organized Is Tough: Here Are Five Simple Tips

    Posted on December 18 2023

    When it comes to clutter, everyone has their own personal tolerance levels. While some people are fine with a coat thrown over a couch, others recoil at the sight of anything out of place. Wherever you may fall on the spectrum of preferences for organization, you’ll find that keeping most of your household items in their desired spaces gives you a sense of calm that makes it easier to accomplish your goals.

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  • Stylitics AI Powered Closet

    Posted on November 29 2023

    AI digital closets are becoming quite the trend these days. Individuals who saw the 1995 movie “Clueless” first got a taste of the virtual closet technology that mixed and matched wardrobes of different styles and brands. This type of digital experience has now come full circle with the introduction of Stylistic’s new e-commerce virtual closet.

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  • Level Up Your Instagram Game at These Photogenic Naples Locations

    Posted on November 15 2023

    Some parts of Florida are more Instagram-ready than others. In the case of Naples, its Paradise Coast nickname lets you know what you can expect in terms of photogenic spots for your social media updates. This coastal city gets its name from the famed region of Italy where sunny weather and abundant fishing converge; plus, the predominant style of architecture is Mediterranean revival, which makes Naples feel even more like a coastal European resort.

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  • What Closet Designers Watch To Stay On Trend

    Posted on October 19 2023

    Closet designers must stay ahead of the curve to do their jobs. Like doctors, accountants, and IT managers, designers face a fast-paced marketplace where knowledge of current social and other trends is essential. How do they know what works when designing a client’s closet space?

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  • Outpatient Cancer Clinic Opening in Bonita

    Posted on October 05 2023

    Situated in Southwest Florida near the parks and beaches of the Gulf Coast, Bonita Springs and Lee County is a popular place to live, work, and retire. In terms of healthcare, the population growth in the area means that the need for chemotherapy services will show an increase of at least 3.3% over the next few years.

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  • Kitchen Island Trends

    Posted on September 17 2023

    While the kitchen is often considered the hub of a home, the island is the focal point of the kitchen. An island is extremely functional. It is used for prepping meals, storage, and as a dining option. It can also be a design element, much like a piece of fine furniture. Many islands serve as room dividers in open-space floor plans. As the island evolves, there are several trends we are noticing.

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  • Free Things to Do in Naples

    Posted on August 19 2023

    Florida beach cities have gained the reputation of being playgrounds for the well-to-do. While that may or may not be true, the Gulf of Mexico beach city of Naples offers visitors and residents many beautiful things to see and do that are free of charge. Try these fascinating venues.

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  • Specialty Storage

    Posted on July 25 2023

    In recent years, how we use and design our homes has evolved significantly. With the growing emphasis on personalized living spaces, homeowners and designers are seeking innovative solutions to maximize functionality and organization. Specialty storage has emerged as a pivotal aspect of modern living, enabling homeowners to create tailored spaces that cater to their unique needs and interests.

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  • Naples Man Catches Huge Snake

    Posted on July 08 2023

    His record-breaking python catch measured 19 feet in length or 5.8 meters. At 19 feet, it is the longest Burmese python snake ever caught. In a video shared online, Waleri is first seen holding the snake by its tail as it tries to slither into the woods.

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  • Top Interior Design Trends from Interzum 2023

    Posted on June 25 2023

    Interior design trends are ever-evolving, influenced by innovations in materials, technology, and changing lifestyle preferences. Interzum 2023, a prominent event in the design industry, showcased an array of exciting trends that are sure to redefine living spaces.

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