When you decide to purchase or design a custom-made closet organizer, there are a number of questions that your designer will ask. They will major largely on your expectations, needs and wants. Having an idea of what exactly you want will enable you and the designer to agree fast on a workable solution. Below are some 10 questions you will likely come across when looking forward to purchasing or designing your closet systems.

  1. What are you looking for in a Closet Organizer?  When upgrading or getting new closets, you should consider the amount of storage space you get at last. Ensure you inform your closet designer all about your needs and desires.
  2. Have You used other solutions and how was the whole experience?  Your new acquisition should be a step further from what you currently have. You should inform your designer on the areas that have worked for you and those that have not. Your responses will help create a wish list of the closet systems to be included in your bedroom.
  3. What plans do you have with your closet space?  Your closet designer will inquire whether your new closet systems will be yours entirely or you will share. If you want to share it then it will be important to factor in the amount of space each one needs. Your designer can propose to have it split twice.  
  4. What are your personal closet style and storage needs?  Your needs for the closet systems will be important to establish. You will be asked whether you need folded or hanging items in your closet. Your choice of colors and styles will help your designer come up with a custom closet for you.
  5. What dimensions are you working with?  You should measure your space and inform your designer in order for them to come up with a solution that fits seamlessly. Ensure you tell them all about the obstacles in your space like doors and windows.
  6. What is your budget?  As much as you have a wish list, you must come up with a budget. You should inform your designer about it to help him design a style that will be within its range.
  7. Whether you are considering different closet companies?  In order to get the best service and quality at the best rates, you should do some shopping around. This will help you compare the different products on offer. Your designer will help you demystify the differences.
  8. Will you do the job yourself or hire a professional?  Your designer will ask whether you will work on your own or bring along a professional to handle the installation.
  9. What are your timelines?  Your timeline and deadlines will determine the kind of custom solution that will be best for you.
  10. What are your future plans?  Your designer will want to know about your future plans and needs in order to know what to create at first. This will leave room for future expansion and addition for your closet systems. This will be great especially for your child's bedroom in order for it to be capable of adopting well as the child grows older.