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Our Process

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It's Simple To Simplify

From the first meeting, our talented designers will sit down and discuss your needs and what you envision for your closet.  We can meet in our showroom or in your home.  We will get a feeling of your style and what you need in a closet.  Then we will provide a variety of finishes, accessories, and lighting accents that fit your exact style and needs. 

Next, we will provide you with a full custom drawing of your closet. But paper drawings don’t give you the full effect! This is why we also provide you with our 3-D planning tool so that you can visualize your closet as if you were standing in it.  At this point we will sit down with you and can discuss the drawings. We will listen to your concerns and collaboratively adjust the design to make your closet exactly what you want! Once you are happy with the final drawings, your closets go into production.

A couple of weeks later or possibly sooner your closets are all set to be installed. Our experienced craftsman will come to your home and make sure your system is installed exactly as the plans are designed.  If this hassle free process seems like a good option for your storage needs please contact us to schedule an appointment.  

Your Custom Closet Experience

Number One Customize
walk-in closets, reach-in closets, and custom islands

Number Two Choose
from a vast array of finishes: wood, laminate, glass & metal.

Number Three Indulge
in State-of-the-Art Accessories.

Number Four Illuminate
with enchanced LED.

Number Five Visualize
with 3D computer rending services.

Number Six Experience
impeccable installation and timely service.

3D Closet CAD Designs

Visualize It!

Your new custom closet can be viewed in home, on your phone.

At PLC Closets, we care about the environment not just your living environment, but also our great outdoor ecosystems. We believe in informing our customers about the carbon sink properties of our wood-based panels. We only use materials formulated to reduce greenhouse carbon emissions specifically, 100% recycled and recovered wood fibers. PLC Closets is devoted to maintaining compliance with the most stringent third-party certifications for good indoor air quality.