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Growing up in Ireland, I loved seeing how things fit together. Gathering pieces into something beautiful and functional engulfed my imagination as a kid in a workshop - and I have never lost the 'bug.' I was taught by a fine old artisan who rapped my knuckles with a ruler to remind me to measure twice and cut once. Carefully shaping wood elements to connect – not with glue, but with careful craft and true fit – gave me a lifelong passion for this art.

After I completed my education, I joined a company that was transitioning from making traditional furniture to what we know today as a 'fitted kitchen.' Every day, I went to work inspired by the process of carrying an idea from blueprint to the workshop floor and finally to installation. I still love seeing that magic take place, with the simplest of building blocks and the most intricate of technologies.

After fifteen years in the custom cabinet trade in Ireland, I decided to exit the shores of the most western isle of Europe to see what the West had to offer. That journey led me to New York, San Francisco, Atlanta and finally Miami and Naples. Over the years, I have sought out the finest manufacturers in the world to hone every facet of my trade with new concepts, precision engineering and elegant details.

But, just as important as my personal connection to the work, are the methods used and the people who take part in it with me. I believe in the basics. I work with great products and I insist on being honorable and straightforward with all our clients, contractors and business partners. We not only bring attention to detail, but attention to people – and that makes the real difference.

That's what we are about: treating people the way we want to be treated; valuing their trust and confidence; always striving for perfection. A visit to our showroom or a consultation in your home will prove it. My team and I sincerely look forward to helping you with your custom closets or other storage needs.