Like all organizing projects, kitchen organization starts with going through everything in the space and making two piles: The things you will keep and the things you will not keep. Some people make additional subcategories, such as "sell, give away, or trash." This is often a mental trick for making it more palatable to let go of so many things that need to go.

For many people, sorting through their possessions and deciding what to keep and what to toss is the hardest part. It is not unusually for two thirds of it to go. After you throw out expired items you forgot existed, gift items you have never used and other things that simply take up space without adding any value to your life, organizing what remains is much easier.

A Place for Everything and Everything in Its Place
This old saying is the essence of organization. The real question is how do you determine the appropriate place for each thing? Here is a simple rule: It should go near its point of use.

This means that dishes should be stored near both the dinner table and the dishwasher. Bakeware should be stored near both the prep center and the oven. Cookware and cooking utensils should be stored near the cooktop. Some people find it handy to keep a container of the most frequently used cooking utensils on top of the stove. Mixing bowls and other prep items should be stored near the prep center. 

Frequency of Use
Another detail that helps enormously in organizing a kitchen is to ask yourself how often something gets used. The most frequently used items should be stored above knee level and no higher than eye level. This makes them easy to see and easy to reach. 

Less frequently used items can be stored below knee level or above eye level. Weight and other factors can help you decide which makes the most sense for a particular item. In general, you do not want to place extremely heavy items on a high shelf. This is a dangerous thing to do. The shelf could give way, leading to injury, and it can cause shoulder strains or other problems when being taken out or put away.

Stay Organized by Putting Things Away
Making sure that dishes are stored both near the dinner table and also near the dishwasher makes it easier to follow the rule to put things back after using them. It makes it easier to put the dishes away as you pull them out of the dishwasher. If putting things away is too challenging, your beautiful kitchen organization scheme will soon come unraveled.

So, be realistic about what you will be able to keep doing. If you need it super simple to be able to do it at all, then make sure it is. Open storage can help eliminate steps in the process of putting things away and can make it easier to see where everything goes.