Closets are a necessity, but their design has evolved over the years. In the past, homeowners often simply crammed items into their closets with little emphasis on the look of the closet. Wire shelves were common place in many closets including high end homes. However, more homeowners as well as custom home builders are focusing their attention on the benefits of an attractive closet system that offers greater functionality. They are turning away from wire shelving and are moving forward with the installation of custom closet solutions

The Many Downsides Associated With Wire Shelving in Closets
While wire shelving is generally perceived as being undesirable from an aesthetic standpoint, it has other downsides as well. For example, wire shelves are notorious for becoming loose when heavy weight is placed on them. They may bend or even entirely break off from the wall. Furthermore, they often lack the precise organization that the homeowner needs. For example, a simple wire shelf in the closet provides no organization for folded clothes, shoes and other items. It is simply used as a place for hangers to hang and for boxes and other large items to be stored on. 

What Modern Closet Systems Look Like
Homeowners have turned away from wire shelving and are opting for a closet system instead. This is typically a built-in feature that perfectly matches the dimensions of the closet and that is more durable than wire shelves. It may cover one wall or all walls in the closet. It has a space for hanging items and large items, such as boxes. However, it also usually has built-in features, such as a dedicated space for shoes and folded clothes. In some cases, a closet system may be so significant that the homeowner can do away with a dresser or armoire and move all clothes into the closet.

Getting a Customized Closet System to Address Your Specific Needs
Most homeowners are opting to have a custom closet system carefully designed based on their exact needs. For example, with a do-it-yourself solution, you may have to hang some items that you would prefer to fold because of a lack of space on shelves. A custom storage solution is designed based on your specific needs. It provides you with all of the shelves, shoe space, drawers and other features you need in your closet based on the types and amount of items you need to store. 

If you have grown frustrated with your current closet situation and are looking for a better solution than wire shelving, you are not alone. You can transform the look and functionality of your closet space with the addition of a new closet storage system. More than that, you may also add property value and make it easier for you to sell your home by making this upgrade. Consider exploring the many exceptional alternatives to wire shelving for your closet today.