Wine has been enjoyed by people for thousands of years around the world. The creation of wine from various natural ingredients has become a veritable art form, and many wine connoisseurs actively enjoy sampling and collecting different types of wine. If you have a growing collection of wine in your home, the task of finding a place to safely store your bottles is probably a top concern. Designing a custom wine room is an excellent way to store and to display your wine collection in your home, and this room may also be an ideal place for you to savor your wine in peace or to entertain friends and family members.

Create the Ideal Environment for the Wine
One of the most important steps to take when creating a wine room is to think about the ideal environment for wine to be stored in. When a wine room is too warm, the quality of the wine is impacted. The best environment for a wine room is a cool and slightly humid environment. A climate control system may need to be installed to ensure that the room always remains an ideally cool temperature with a pre-determined humidity level. Fluctuations in temperature and humidity levels can be damaging to the wine. 

Choose a Room Theme 
While creating the ideal environment for your wine is not necessarily fun or glamorous, you may find greater enjoyment with the selection of a theme for your wine room. Some of the more common themes that work well for wine rooms are a Spanish theme, a Mediterranean theme, a ranch-style theme or an Old World theme. In many cases, the theme of a wine room will not necessarily perfectly blend into the style of the rest of your home. However, you can choose a wine room theme that is at least complementary in some way. With many decorating ideas available, you can enjoy wonderful results through your creativity.

Find a Dedicated Space in Your Home
Before you begin making active changes to your home, you need to decide which area of your home can be used for this dedicated purpose. If you only need a small space, an under-the-stairs closet may work well. You can also use an unused bedroom or a space in your basement for a wine room. If space is truly limited, some people have even created a hidden underground wine storage area that rises upward at the push of a button. This last option is more of a type of custom cabinet for wines rather than a full wine room. 

While you could keep a few bottles of wine stored on a wine rack in your kitchen, some people have a more robust collection of wine. A custom cabinet in a kitchen is one idea, or you could create a much larger space through the design of a dedicated wine room. Analyze your unique wine storage needs as well as the space available in your home to determine which type of wine storage space or feature is best for you.