Much has changed over the past few decades in terms of the society we live in, the technology we use, and how we work - and modern housing trends will likely see an even faster pace of acceleration over the next decade. Let's explore some of these trends, which range from closet systems in Naples Florida to high-tech rooms.

Home Offices Aren't Only Practical, They're Necessary

As time moves forward, so does technology and the way we work. More and more people are working from home, which means that spreading out your paperwork and your laptop on the kitchen table just isn't cutting it anymore - over the next decade, expect to see housing trends include more elaborate, larger home offices.

Well Organized Closet Systems to Save Time and Space

For many people, closets double as messy, tiny storage units. But more recently built homes tend to have larger closets, and, when properly organized, these can be very useful. For example, our closet systems in Naples Florida are designed so that the owner has easy access to his or her clothing, shoes, and accessories at all times. A great closet system is usually an affordable way to provide yourself with more room for the things you need access to every day.

"Smart" Features and Technology

Several decades ago, "clap on, clap off" lights seemed like a major technological advancement (and who here doesn't remember the sheer joy of clapping the lights on and off as a kid!). But home functionality is becoming more and more technologically advanced - "smart" - which serves the purpose to not only make your home more enjoyable and easier to live in, but often to save energy as well.

So-called "smart" innovations are becoming available for almost every facet of the home, from remotely controlled light switches to user-friendly digital thermostats.

Entertainment Rooms That Beat the Movie Theater

A growing trend that's been a deep concern for the cinema industry is the fact that more and more people are dedicating their living room or a den to be an entertainment room. This is only made easier due to the increasing speed of the internet and on-demand services for streaming media. Additionally, as the price of technology such as large flat screen televisions, surround sound speakers, and ultra-comfortable chairs and couches continues to drop, expect to see more houses with highly advanced (yet affordable) entertainment rooms.

A Deep Appreciation for the Aesthetic

Productivity gurus often explain why minimalism or clutter reduction is so important: the brain has to process everything in its surroundings, even if you're not currently engaged with those objects. What this means is that the more messy a room is, the more your brain has to work. Therefore, a cleaner room means a clearer mind.

Home trends are likely to see rooms that make organization easier and more efficient. This may include the use of aesthetically pleasing shelving or surfaces, along with soothing, neutral color palettes.