We all love to have closets that are not only luxurious but also fit well in our rooms. To be able to achieve the correct layout of your closet, you need to pay close attention to standard dimensions.

Depending on the design, walk-in wardrobes offer a lot of useful space for storage. Sometimes it just depends on how organized you are. You can have a well-designed closet, but if you don’t know how to arrange your shoes and clothing properly, then it will always be crowded.

However, the most important thing is always to adhere to the standard dimensions of any design that you want. This is because it will facilitate adequate space as well as ensure that the wardrobe perfectly fit your room.

Typical depths and Widths

Walk-in wardrobes should be at least 4 feet wide by 4 feet deep. This will make it easy for them to accommodate hanging space and shelves on both sides of the walls. Besides, a width of six feet will allow enough storage on both the three walls. On the other hand, a width of 10 feet is enough to provide a place where you can seat in the middle of the wardrobe.

Walkaway clearances

Walk-in wardrobes should be big enough to offer a 24-inch clear walkaway space in between shelves or rods. This is because hanging clothes usually take up to two horizontal spaces. That’s why most closets are 6 feet wide to provide hanging areas on both sides.

Narrower wardrobes on the other hand should not have 2 feet clear space in between two hanging areas. This also applies to the 24-inch minimum. If your room has no adequate space for a 2-foot walkaway, then an island won’t be feasible.

Storage and hanging placement

Hanging rods can always be placed in such a way that they occupy a single wall – one above the other. This configuration is also referred to as double hang and is bet for hanging jackets shirts and short garments. The recommended height for double hangs is 40.5 high (for the low rod) and 62 inches (for the high rod).

Hanging rods placed 54 inches above the ground are best for pants and longer garments. However, you can get creative and try to fit in other garments in case you still remain a lot of space.

Lastly, shelves that are mounted above the rods should be at least 14 to 16 inches deep to be able to accommodate large items.

ADA requirements

The Americans with Disabilities Act requires that closets have adequate space to allow clear space where a person can maneuver easily using a wheelchair. According to the Act, all wardrobes should have a minimum clear space of 30 inches wide by 48 inches deep.

This basically means that the standard 24-inch walkaway is not wide enough as far as the disability Act is concerned. In addition, the act also demands a reach range of between 15 inches to 48 inches within wardrobes from the floor.