After spending almost the whole year stuck inside our homes, which includes the millions of Americans who now work from home, it is not a surprise that in 2021 most Americans are looking into overhauling their home organization. We have our guesses which room was at the top of the makeover wish list, and this year it might be the home office. Below is a list of the top home organizing trends:

Multi-functional Rooms for Zoom Calls
This year the home office has become hugely popular, especially after last year's pandemic and Coronavirus restrictions. In 2021, the hottest and trendiest space in a home is the luxury home office, either through reclaiming a closet or nook space or making use of a spare room and transforming it in order to use it to work comfortably from home. Today most people just don't want a room that is specifically used for zoom calls, but they also want a room that can easily serve other purposes.

Pantry Space Is Also In Demand
A lot of people have discovered they do not have enough space to keep most of their toilet paper, bottled water, chips, and canned goods during the pandemic. After the panic of the Coronavirus pandemic, the popularity of this trend is not a surprise.

Life-Change Closets
After the pandemic, there are still some things that have not changed. A lot of people would still want to have a tidier closet. Taming your wild closet is normally at the top of anyone who would like to re-organize their home. Re-organizing your closet can be a very transformative experience. Once people become more aware of how much having an organized closet can have huge benefits to their daily routine. Eventually, they will start to look at different areas of their homes, and they will start to desire to organize the rest of the house.

Wood and White Finishing
When it comes to interior home designs and organizational spaces, warm wood tones mixed with white finishes have quickly become a popular choice among homeowners. A lot of people have the choice to make their white finishes look and feel more upscale with beautiful wood textures, and the nuances of Mattel white will create richness and depth. It is advisable to consider the whole closet system in white and warm wood tones or consult some professional home organizer's to come up with a similar color scheme in order to get the right look and feel.