Spring time is the time when people start thinking about buying or selling a home. The beautiful weather entices people to go out and look, but how do you make sure your home stands out among all the other realty listings? There are many houses for sale, but you want to make sure yours stands out as a home where prospective buyers can imagine themselves living. Here are some easy home selling tips to increase your chances of standing out and making a positive impression on potential buyers.

Spring cleaning

A clean home is a must when inviting guests but when selling a house, this means more than just cleaning and de-cluttering. You want to make sure buyers can imagine themselves living in the house, rather than feel a guest in someone else's home. Don't just pick up items off the floor and dust the shelves and knickknacks. Take a look at each room to identify what specifically makes it your home and remove it. Family photographs, heirlooms, art projects, and toys should all be removed and stored away while your house is for sale. You can leave a few non-distinct frames and decorations on the walls, and add fresh scented pot-pourri bowls on tables. Also remove any excess pieces of furniture that make rooms look small and cluttered, or define a room with only one purpose. 


When storing your personal belongings, remember to not shove them out of sight in a closet. One of the main aspects home buyers look for is closet space, so you can expect all closets to be opened and assessed. While a house can look promising and inviting, nothing is more unpleasant than unable to see the amount of storage space or worse... get hit on the head by a poorly stored item. Neatly organize all closets and store personal belongings off-site temporarily if needed, so potential buyers can see the full storage capabilities of your house. If your closets have wire shelves or hooks, consider replacing them with a more luxurious look such as wood.

Neutral and Bright

The decor of the house should be neutral but warm and inviting to allow prospective buyers to emotionally fill in their own personal touches. Your personal taste may not be your buyers' taste so keep wall colors in a neutral color, such as beige, grayish blue, soft green, or creamy yellow. Consider repainting some or all of the rooms to show a fresh clean space for buyers to decorate. To add to the attractiveness of your house, invite as much natural light as possible. Open, or even remove, blinds and curtains and let the sunshine brighten your rooms. Bright rooms are inviting rooms, so combine neutral paint colors and natural light to maximize every room's potential.

If you are considering selling your home this spring or summer, these quick home selling tips can increase your house's sale potential and help it stand out in the crowded housing market.