The modern garage serves more than its usual purpose of housing cars and trucks and providing extra storage space for the property owners. Whether constructed for a fleet of vehicles or just for a pair of family sedans, today’s modern designs capture their multifunctionality. From spaces carved for garage storage purposes to areas zoned for work and play, the modern garage offers more than just covered parking for vehicles.

Creative Hub

We have heard the story of how ideas sprung from the most unusual places. This is true for the humble garage storage space that has seen more than boxes of unwanted clutter and mechanical parts gathering dust over time. The term “garage band” had its creative origins from this part of the house, after stories emerged of how established bands first set up their makeshift studios in the garage.

There are stories of how companies were formed and ideas developed while brainstorming from the lowly garage. In fact, several multi-billion tech companies traced their roots as a garage startup. High on the list are Google, Amazon, and Apple, three of the leading tech companies in the world today. The first Apple computer and the websites for both Amazon and Google were put together in the garage. As they say, creative folks have to start somewhere, why not from this part of the house?

Modern Design and Functionality

Today’s modern garage aesthetic often reflect the owner’s preferences for design and function. Some property owners have transformed their own garage as a new office or an extension of an existing space, complete with a connected workstation for a solo or even a collaborative project. Incorporating the latest tech, gaming, and work devices into the converted garage, with the addition of comfortable seating will convert the space into the perfect space for entertainment and work

Property owners also have the option of transforming the area into different zones. Some have incorporated functional garage storage space or even a mudroom while maintaining the original intent of the space, which is to serve as an area for the family car. 

New Purpose

For some families that require more room but limited yard space, the garage can be easily converted into a playroom or even a romp space for the new family pet. For health and fitness buffs, the garage can be turned into a home based gym with the addition of a few equipment such as a bench press, treadmill, weightlifting bar, and a stationary bike. Converting the space into a yoga-wellness area is also possible with the addition of proper insulation and natural flooring. Choosing a relaxing color scheme can also transform the garage into a relaxing space. 

For some people, the garage is just a storage area fit for housing cars and boxes of things and random junk forgotten by time. But the concept of limiting the garage for parking and storage purposes has evolved over time. Today, successful conversions have turned this oftentimes neglected space into another area for work, play, entertainment, or relaxation.