Gone are the days when master bedrooms had closets that could barely contain one person’s clothes—let alone a couple’s wardrobe. Home builders have a lot a competition, and need something that will catch prospective buyers’ eyes. One design they are constantly improving is the master closet, also known as the closet en suite.

Buyers are not interested in the old school walk-in wire closets with a high rack for shirts and a lower rack for skirts and pants. They do not want to arrange their shoes on the closet floor and stuff their sweaters on the top shelf. Today’s master closet is a masterpiece of racks, shelving, and drawers that can store clothes neatly and with style. Here are some other uses homeowners have found for their spacious master closets:

Home Office

If you really do not want a designated room for a home office, you can always set up a little hub in a corner of the master closet. Find a nice table that complements the style of the closet, and put your computer and other office essentials on it. You could even buy a lovely picture frame and turn it into a bulletin board for important papers and schedules. When you are done, just close the doors and nobody knows the office is there.


We are not talking about a full-service bar that you would consider for a den. If you and your partner enjoy a soothing glass of wine before bedtime, you can set up a space in the master closet to store a few bottles of wine. Your contractor can build a mini wine fridge right in the closet wall. You might have room for a small table to hold your drink mixing set. You will have all the ambiance of a cozy bar in the comfort of your own bedroom.

Dressing Room

Remember seeing glimpses of legendary actresses in their Hollywood dressing rooms? Recreate the breathless glamor by having a custom dressing room built into your master closet. If you do not have a vintage vanity dresser, your contractor can build one for all of your beauty needs. You will have plenty of draws and cubby holes to organize your beauty equipment, makeup, and perfumes. A hidden safe can be added to store your jewelry and other valuables. Having a chandelier installed overhead would be a striking focal point. You can also have a large mirror installed with Hollywood lights. Relive the glory of preparing for Oscar night with a romantic dressing room!


People with children usually have a lot of laundry. If your kids are old enough to wash their own clothes, you might consider letting them have a small laundry room and you have one of your own in your master closet. There are space-saving washer/dryer units that would be ideal for doing small loads at a time. When you undress, your washing machine is right there for you to load your clothes. It is also handy to pull clothes fresh from the dryer and hang them in your closet.

Even if you live in an older home, you can hire a closet specialist to renovate a spare room or two into the master closet of your dreams. It may also add resale value to your home. Live like a movie star and enjoy your lovely closet en suite!