Cleaning a home is not an easy task, especially if you wait until spring every year to clean. Making a plan is step one, but there are ways to make your plan even more effective.

Focusing on what you have and where you want to go gives you the building blocks for a plan. Knowing where you want to go, write out how to get there and keep it somewhere you can see. Staying on top of your goals and how you move towards them makes it that much easier to push on when it gets hard.

Entering one’s home, it’s easy to toss things hopelessly around the entry-way. Organize the area to avoid a collection of messy miscellaneous piles, and keep mail and keys organized. You could also look into finding a message board, to put reminders and messages to your household.

An organized home office makes it much simpler to be productive. Discard messy or broken furniture, and replace it with something that is more ‘you.’ Find organizers and furniture that fits your personality and is functional to keep the space lively and useful.

Looking into the kitchen, make sure to separate your foods! Throw away expired items, but put aside good and unused food to give away. Go through your accessories as well, pots, pans, bowls, things that are just taking up space, and give those away too. Decluttering your kitchen is easier and feels better when you find a place to donate your old or unwanted items rather than tossing them in the trash.

Go through your closest, linen and clothes, and find excess items. Get rid of things you have plenty of, and reorganize based on usefulness and sentimentality. When doing this, it’s best to get all items into one place first, as then it’s easier to see extra items or colors. Consider repurposing your unwanted fabrics, donating them, or if they are unusable toss them.

Remember your medications and make-up expire too. Check the dates and search for the proper disposal method to clear up even more linen and medicine closest space.

This is also a good time to consider the furniture in your home. If you have a couch you don’t enjoy but was given to you, replace it. Enjoying furniture is more than comfort, it needs to match your style and personality as this makes your house a home.

Tackling this all is a process, so it’s also important to celebrate any progress. This keeps you motivated and naturally breaks up the long chore into more manageable tasks. Snacking on your favorite food, going out for a night, anything that helps you relax and enjoy life is a great reward for taking these steps.

Keeping a home and office organized keeps you have a place to relax. Walking into an organized home gives a sense of flow, and using these tips to keep your home office functional will allow for greater productivity.