Many of us dream about having a beautifully-designed and well-organized closet. When this space is chaotic and unorganized, homeowners can easily feel stressed each time that they open the door. Organizational designers who focus on closets often have quite a task in front of them. To make each client’s space as organized as possible, every inch of the space must be carefully planned out with a specific purpose in mind. The first step to take when properly designing an organizational strategy is to take field measurements.

The Challenge of Taking Accurate Measurements
Taking accurate measurements may sound like a simple enough task as first glance, but it may be one of the more time-consuming and labor-intensive aspects of a designer’s field work. All measurements must be precise. If not, the design elements that are created for the space will not fit properly. For example, a shelf may not have the right dimensions. Closets are often irregularly-shaped. Furthermore, tight spaces can make them difficult to move around in. Many designers must make accurate measurements on their own without the assistance of someone else to hold the tape measure. These are only some of the more common challenges that designers face when trying to measures dimensions with precision.

The Use of Smart Picture Technology
The good news is that technology has been developed that may enable designers to toss aside the traditional tape measure altogether. With Smart Picture Technology, a designer can simply upload images of a smaller or larger storage area to a computer, and a special program will determine the precise dimensions. The designer may take these pictures while completing an on-site visit with the client. If this is not possible, the client can simply email images that he or she took to the designer. Accurate dimensions can be calculated based on the images uploaded with no field measurements required.

The Benefits of Modern Technology
Innovative technology in various fields offers many benefits to people in various ways, and companies that embrace technology may be able to achieve higher levels of success in different ways. In the case of Smart Picture Technology, human errors related to manually measuring dimensions of closets is eliminated. In addition to saving time and money related to potential measurement errors, the technology also saves time with the measurements themselves. All work that is completed is based on the measurements being perfectly accurate. Furthermore, designers may be able to serve clients faster and with superior results through the use of this technology.

While some designers will continue to manually measure closets when serving clients, the reality is that this step is no longer necessary. It also is not the best option available any longer. For designers who are interested in providing customers with the best overall experience, it is essential to adopt and embrace modern technology. By learning more about Smart Picture Technology today, you can take the first steps to implement this technology in your work activities.