Today, home buyers expect more from a home than just a place to live. They want comfort, convenience, and entertainment. They expect their home environment to be as smart as their watch, car, and smartphone. Today's Real Estate shoppers are tech savvy people who want their home ready to move in, with little work involved their home network up and running.

According to a recent study conducted by Coldwell Banker and tech giant, CNET, 81 percent of participants say they are more likely to buy a home that is fully equipped with the technology they love. That means that upgrading to a Smart Home will give you an edge over the competition and will make it easier to sale Real Estate.

It's no surprise that people would be more likely to purchase a Smart Home. If you look at must-have items, such as cars and smartphones, the smarter the technology is, the better. The current first-time home buyer was raised in the digital age and embraces technology in all aspects of their life. 

Technology makes our lives easier and more comfortable. That is why Coldwell Banker has started offering Smart Home staging kits to clients looking to sell their homes to these tech savvy home buyers. The kits, which begin at $999, offer clients the most desired Smart Home gadgets to help their home stand out in the Real Estate market. 

The smart kits include three Nest gadgets including; Nest Learning Thermostat, Nest Protect smoke alarms, and Nest Cam. It also includes Lutron Caseta Smart Bridge lighting and August smart locks. These gadgets will cooperate to make a client's home the dream home of potential buyers and might be the one thing that helps their Real Estate stand out from the rest in a competitive industry.

Nest Learning Thermostat learns user's patterns and adjusts for their preferences throughout the day and helps the home owner to save money on utility bills while staying comfortable. 
Nest Protect is a smart smoke alarm which will alert your smartphone to inform you what is wrong and can be shut off just as easily. 

Nest Cam is a security camera that can detect movement and determine if a person is causing the movement. Nest Cams are available in indoor and outdoor versions and are hard wired, so no maintenance is required to keep the camera going. It records non-stop and backs the recordings up for 30 days via cloud storage.

Lutron Caseta Smart Bridge connects lighting to a home network in order to wirelessly control your lights from your smartphone. Since it works through the home network, you can do this anywhere.
August is a smart lock that lets you program electronic keys and informs you when someone is home and when they aren't, based on their unique key.

Smart Homes will continue to trend for many years to come, making the upgrade a great investment that will increase your home's value. It will also ensure your home sales quickly when you are ready.