Organizing your closet drawers makes it easier to find the items needed to get dressed in the morning for work or in the evening for special events. Walk-in closets often have organizational systems that include clothing rods at different levels, shelves in a variety of sizes and drawers that are similar to a chest of drawers. Instead of shoving garments into a closet’s drawers in a willy-nilly fashion, store things properly to avoid damaging the items along with making it easier to find things. You can also organize the drawers that are in pieces of furniture throughout a home.

One: Dump out the Drawers

Dump everything out of all of the drawers onto a tabletop, bed or floor in order to choose what you need to keep or throw away. Have a trash bag ready to toss out socks with holes, and you may want to make a pile of items that require repair. If you no longer need a gently-worn garment, then place it in a container to donate it to a charity.

Two: Clean the Drawers

Use a damp washcloth to clean the inside of the drawers, and decide if you want to line the bottom of the drawer with protective paper. You can find scented drawer-lining paper at specialty stores to store lingerie or undergarments.

Three: Sort through the Dumped Items

Sort through the dumped items to decide how you want to store socks, scarves or undergarments in an organized way. You might want to put the same types of things together such as placing all of your pajamas in one large drawer or putting all of your hosiery in a small drawer.

Four: Use Compartments or Separators

If you have large drawers to organize, then consider buying manufactured compartments or separators to keep items in the correct sections. You can also make your own separators with thick cardboard or sections of wood.

Five: Sort by Outfit or Colors

If you want to wear certain garments together, then place an outfit in a drawer. This organization is great for children learning how to dress themselves in order to have a matching outfit each day. For senior citizens with vision problems, sorting by color is an excellent option to avoid mixing-up colors such as navy blue or black.

Six: Label the Drawers

If you have a large walk-in closet with a lot of drawers, then label the front of the drawers to make it easier to find items such as a dressy scarf or piece of costume jewelry. Labeling the drawers in a child’s room is an excellent way for children to keep a space tidy while learning how to read.