Closets are among the most common storage spaces in homes. While you probably store jackets, clothing, and shoes, you also may need to store more expensive or luxury items as well. The question of how to keep your valuable or treasured items in your closet safe and secure requires a thoughtful answer if you want to reduce the likelihood of loss related to theft. Multiple solutions are now available, and you may find that one solution is more advantageous than others.

The Issue of Security in Your Closets
Everything from jewelry and heirlooms to cash, coins and more are stored in a master closet. Some individuals will stash these items in a safe, but many people simply hide these items in different locations throughout the closet, such as in a storage bin or shoe box. Some people will even place a safe or lockbox in the closet. However, when a criminal breaks into your home and searches the closet, you do not want them to find any valuable items or a safe that may contain valuable items, such as a lockbox. After all, a thief could simply haul the the lockbox out of your home to open at their convenience. 

A Common Approach to Security
Many closet systems have attempted to deal with the issue of security by creating built-in locking feature. For example, some have a locked drawer or cabinet. This is not ideal, however, because it draws attention from the criminals. They know right away to work on opening the door or cabinet rather than to continue searching because they see the area that you have secured. Most homeowners also have found this type of locking system unappealing, to access any items that were secured inside the locked space, they needed to fumble around with a key.

An Improved Security Method
More advanced closet systems are now available that provide you with an improved approach to securing your valuable items. Hidden locking mechanisms are now available that are not visible on the exterior. No keys or codes are required to access the secured area. Instead, the homeowner can use a simple pass card to unlock the secured areas. This provides homeowners with the extra security they need for their valuable items without creating an eyesore that draws the attention of criminals.  One Option to consider is the Senseon Secure Access Control System which provides commercial strength security into an RID pass card soultion.

Many homeowners store valuable items in their closets, and because of this, this space is one of the first areas criminals dig through when they enter a home. If you are not taking steps to properly secure your coins, jewelry and other valuables in your closet, now is the time to make an improvement. While some custom closet storage continues to use a lock and key method for security, there is now a better option available. Consider how beneficial the improved security method will be for your home as you learn more about this option.