If your closet still has clothes you last wore almost ten years ago, whether it's because laziness has kept you from donating them, they just don't fit anymore, or maybe they are just not as stylish as they used to be. If you are like me and have a closet full of clothes that you don't wear anymore, maybe you wouldn't mind renting them out to people who would wear them. Rent My Wardrobe is a website that allows users to rent out their clothes for a profit.

Rent My Wardrobe was officially launched last year, with a local founder from Dallas, Texas. The founder started Rent My Wardrobe as a side hustle and has taken the same passion and turned the business into a business. The COVID 19 pandemic has put a lot of economic pressure on businesses in the industry, even the well established have struggled during the epidemic. The fashion rental business based in Dallas has released a number of digital features. With long-lasting changes to the fashion and retail industries ahead, the company is more focused on helping others become entrepreneurs. " I think I was born to be an entrepreneur, "said the founder of Rent My Wardrobe Rachel Sipperley, she told NTX."I was a breathing, living model of a gig economy and why it worked." At the same time, I was attending college at the age of 15 and graduating by the age of 19. Rachel Sipperley made some extra income from a number of gigs. She was renting her car or her apartment on multiple platforms. After graduating from college, she moved to Dallas in search of a job, and she found herself doing different parties and events, which would need an outfit after outfit. "I went to events every time. I was at parties and D magazine would take a couple of pictures, and the next night I would give my friends some of my dresses. I noticed women would exchange outfits after outfits. " Like many young women, her budget wasn't enough to keep closets stocked with the latest fashion trends, so sharing and borrowing at that time made more sense. When social media started picking up and getting more integrated into people's lives, a whole new medium was created, and the influencers were born. Rachel Sipperley came up with Rent My Wardrobe to help others share their sense of style and make some money on the side.