If you want to sell our house for the highest possible price, then be ready to make a great first impression. Be prepared to do more than just simple upgrades and repairs. You are about to sell a house that you have lived in for years, and for this reason, it’s essential that you ensure your buyers like what they see. It’s generally a seller's market right now. Therefore, if your home has been for sale for more than four months, it’s time to figure out why potential buyers are avoiding your property. Here are some of biggest home buyer turn-offs that could explain why your property has been on the market for long.

Wrong Pricing

This is the biggest home buyer turn off. Pricing your house above the market value will only lead to frustrations, and you should void it! However, this does not mean you should under-price your home. NO! Your asking price should be slightly above the market value so as to create some wiggle room for negotiations. Today’s home buyers are well-versed and are aware of the market conditions. They will know a good deal when they see one. It’s, thus, essential to ensure you research to know the market condition before you list your home. More importantly, be realistic when pricing your house.


Home buyers get a lasting impression if your home has an offensive odor. Thoroughly disinfecting your kitchen can help you get rid of bad scents. You should clean your house, especially the closets, and get rid of anything that makes your house smell before you invite potential buyers unto your house. Open the windows to let fresh air and light inside your home. If a bad smells persist you have have another less cosmetic issue. 


Most people love pets. However, if you have exotic pets, this can make home buyers avoid your home. Clean up after your pets and use air fresheners to get rid of pet odors. Clean your floors and use a pet hair vacuum cleaner to keep your home free from pesky animal hair. You should also make sure that your buyers don’t notice your pet before they see the house.

Weird Colors

It’s true that good quality paint can make a huge difference and give your home an elegant look. However, you should avoid using bright and jarring colors. They are a turn-off.; instead, use neutral colors because they are more welcoming and will make your buyers feel comfortable. Neutral colors work well in many situations and will still give you a house that speaks of beauty and freshness. Neutral colors are also less austere and won’t fight the stylishness of other elements in your home.

Home Presentation

How you present your home will often determine whether a buyer will consider it or walk away. Its, therefore, important to ensure your home is presentable. Little things are noticable and should be fixed like wall cracks and missing roof tiles.  You might also consider staging your home to make the best impression on your potential buyers.