One of the most coveted features in a home is plenty of closet space. You may be fortunate enough to have roomy closets in each bedroom, plus an ensuite closet in your master bedroom. If you are not careful, it is easy for your closet to get all cluttered and impossible to find things you need. Here are some handy hacks to get your closets organized:

Get Rid Of Clutter

Nobody intentionally makes a mess out of their closet. Over time, there may be more junk in your closet than things you wear. Before you can organize your closet, you must get rid of the clutter. While you are sorting, get rid of anything that you have not worn in the past six months. That includes the skinny jeans you hoped to wear again one day, as well as your 8th-grade prom dress. What you cannot sell, recycle, or donate to charity, throw it away. You may be pleasantly surprised at the room you have left.

Store Seasonal Clothing

It is hard to find something to wear if all of your seasonal clothes are in the way. Closet systems have draws and cubbies that are perfect for folding sweaters and other winter clothes. You might consider putting seasonal clothing in storage totes. You should have room to organize your clothes and see what you have.

Organize Similar Items Together

A functional wardrobe has classic pieces that can be mixed and matched to create several outfits. Putting an outfit together is easier when similar pieces are hanging together. For example, you can separate all your long-sleeved tops from the short-sleeved ones. Hang skirts together, and separate dress slacks from jeans. Closet systems have rods of different heights, so you can organize all of your hanging clothes efficiently.

Know When To Fold Them

Some of the reasons why you may not have enough hanging space for your clothes is that some should be folded. T-shirts, sweaters, and jeans should be folded and put it drawers or on shelves in your custom closets. They will be easy to locate and your hanging clothes will have room to breathe.

Color Coordinating Closets

Delegate a hanger color for each member of your family. If you prefer wooden or other premium hangers, put self-adhesive color dots on them. It will make putting away laundry much easier. 

Tackling Your Shoes

How much time have you wasted in the mornings trying to find the mate to a missing shoe? Closet systems have cubbies or tiered racks that will keep your shoes in order on the floor. You can easily put the shoes in categories.

Let There Be Light

If your closet does not have enough light, then it makes it difficult to find the clothes you want to wear. Install bright lights in your closet ceiling. If you have one of the closet systems with cubby shelves, you might consider recessed lighting in them. 

Your closet can be your best tool for getting ready in the morning. By keeping it clutter-free and organized, you can quickly pick out the clothes and accessories you need for the day. This gives you more time to focus on other important matters.