Regardless of whether you are buying or building your own custom closet, it's important that you take some time to plan appropriately. Each person is different in their specific needs for their closet. By asking yourself these simple questions listed below, you can start to construct a plan that will produce the ideal closet set up for your specific needs.

What Has Been Your Past Experience With Storage Solutions? 

Before you look towards creating a new closet, it's best to start with taking a look into the past. Write down the storage solutions you've tried and what worked as well as what didn't work with each. This will give you a good starting point of what you need to include in your new closet set up and the things you should avoid having. 

What Are Your Goals For Closet Organization

Planning out your goals is going to be a great beginning step to help craft how your closet will function. Are you looking to have a more aesthetically pleasing closet setup? Are you looking to integrate more stuff into the same space for storage? Be specific about the goals you have for your new closet so you can ensure they're all met when the closet is finished. 

How Do You Want To Utilize The Space? 

This question should bring your goals into more clarity. Do you plan on sharing your closet with your spouse? Splitting it down the middle may seem like a great plan, but it's actually more feasible to base the percentage of closet space on the number of items you possess. Do you want to store your off-season clothes or extra bedding as well? This will alter the design of custom closets. 

What Are The Dimensions Of Your Closet? 

Being precise as possible will help to provide you with better-finished results. Carefully measure your closet and include obstacles such as outlets, windows, and doors. These specifics can alter the design of the closet, so be sure they're included from the start. 

How Many Items Are You Planning On Storing? 

This is when the numbers become real values. How many pairs of shoes do you have? How many hangers do you need for shirts and pants? Counting up your articles of clothing will help to give you an idea of how many items you'll need to create space for in the closet. In addition, your preferences for dressers, decorative molding, built-in safes, and other specific style desires should be written down. 

What Is Your Closet Budget? 

Price is an important factor to consider when crafting the perfect closet. We all have budgets and we need to be aware of them throughout the designing process. While you may have many wishes for what your perfect closet has, it's important to be realistic with how much money you actually have to make those wishes come true. 

What Is Your Timeline? 

Are you in need of a complete closet overhaul in the next couple of weeks? If not, are you flexible for when the project can be completed? Setting a general timeframe of when the project must be finished by will give you or the design firm you hire the ability to start creating a timeline of when specifics will happen.

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