If you are feeling overwhelmed by your overflowing closet, then you are not alone. With busy work schedules, errands to run, and children's activities to do on a daily basis, many people easily get behind on cleaning and organization that needs to be done. Fortunately, there are a few professional organization ideas that you can use to get your closet to a manageable state again.

Shower Curtain Rings

The metal or plastic rings that slip over the shower curtain rod to hold the curtain in place usually cost only a couple of dollars to purchase. Buy two packs of them to use for each closet that you need to organize. They can be slipped onto the flat bottom part of a few hangers to hold scarves, belts, and even jewelry.

Cut Closet Rods in Half

Instead of having one main closet rod for hanging clothes, cut the rod in half. Then, put the cut pieces in sideways on one side of the closet instead. Get another closet rod, and do the same on the other side too. This will double the amount of space that you have to hang up clothing in a small area. Just be sure to put the closet rods far enough apart, so there will be enough room for the clothes without them touching.


Flat wicker baskets that are just a few inches deep are both pretty and functional for closet storage. They are perfect for holding folded sweaters to prevent them from getting stretched out on a hanger. Other small slips and nighties that often fall off hangers can be put in them too.

Shoe Racks

Use a small bookshelf for an easy shoe rack that keeps shoes together and neat. It will allow the shoes to sit on a flat surface to prevent damage from occurring to them, which is better than some shoe racks that hang shoes by the heels. Consider installing a small spring-loaded curtain rod to the top of the bookshelf with a little pair of curtains. This will prevent dust from getting on shoes that you don't wear that often. 

These are just a few of the ways that you can keep your closet organized and functional. You don't have to do them all at once if your time is limited. But try to do at least one or two of them a day until your closet is just how you want it. If it still seems crowded after you get it organized, then it might be time to thin your clothing down a bit.