Whether you're flying to Hawaii or driving into the mountains, these tips will give you a head start on your summer trip organization:

  1. Coordinate what you're going to bring.   When I'm going on a trip, I like to lay out the clothes I want to bring on the bed.  Once I see what I will be wearing, I edit out the clothes that do not go.  For example, black and white pieces always go well together.  If I am going with a black-and-white theme, I know I will not need my brown purse. This method helps narrow down pieces by what you will actually be wearing, instead of going by a list (ex. I need 3 shorts, 5 shirts, etc.)
  2. Start earlier than you think.  Whenever I am packing, I am stressed. I am stressed because I have waited too late to pack, and I am sleepy.  Don't let this happen to you.  If you're worried that you will need things that you will be packing, pack an extra bag with pajamas, toiletries, and a change of clothes. This is one of the keys to summer trip organization. 
  3. Roll your clothes.  Not only does rolling your clothes take up less space than folding, with rolling, you can actually see all of your clothes in your suitcase! Why through piles of folded clothes (and thus having to refold) when I can easily spot a rolled t-shirt. Rolling also makes clothes less wrinkly, too. 
  4. Do your research ahead of time.  Does the place you're staying have laundry or a washing machine?  Do you know if you're going to a nice restaurant one night?  In the case that both of these are yes, make adjustments.  Bring two pairs of pants instead of four.  Bring only one or two nice outfits for that special night out.  It will make a big difference in your suitcase.

Don't forget a cooler full of snacks if you're driving! You will not want to get to your destination, starving, only to find out that the grocery stores and restaurants are closed! Also, something to avoid in your packing journey is blindly packing things you think you might need but aren't sure your destination has.  Please do not pack beach towels if your destination already has beach towels. And please do not bring 4 sundresses when you'll be hanging out in the mountains. Like everything else in life, don't procrastinate! I hope these summer trip organizational tips help you enjoy that much needed getaway!