If you're embarrassed to open your garage doors in front of neighbors, it's time to start organizing the space. You can reclaim the garage space and turn it into something fabulous with a little time and organization tips. First, you'll need to set aside time to work on the project. It's not something that should be done an hour once per week. Take an entire weekend to clean and organize the garage. 

Remove Everything
Take everything out of the garage. When you're starting from scratch, it'll give you a blank slate so you're not influenced by the current layout, clutter and disorganization. For this project, have the family help you. It can be quite overwhelming to tackle alone, plus, if they have to clean, they're more likely to keep it clean once you've organized it. 

Keep, Sell or Toss
Make piles of items based on whether you're keeping it, selling it or trashing it. If it's broken, consider whether you'll really be able to fix it. If you're unsure, it's best to toss it in the trash. A garage sale is a great way to get rid of unused or unwanted items. The sale can fund your new storage solutions too. 

Determine the Layout
Once it's clear what items you're keeping, it's time to determine the layout. If you have outdoor gear, tools, gardening gear and sports equipment and supplies for hobbies, you should have a location for each category. Don't forget to utilize vertical space in the garage. It'll give you more room. Group like items together for storage too.

Purchase Modular Storage
When you have modular storage with garage cabinets, you can assemble the racks and cabinets in a way that makes sense for your belongings. If you have sports equipment like hockey sticks or baseball bats, they can be hung vertically on the wall. The same is true of fishing poles. They can be hung on the back of the doors too. Have baskets for soccer balls, football and basketballs. 

Label Everything
For small items that need to go on shelves or inside garage cabinets, use bins and make sure to label everything. It's vital that you group your items together and see exactly what you have before you start purchasing bins and labeling them. You might later find that you have items that don't fit into the boxes or bins. 

Organize Frequently
Once everything is organized the way you want it, you can enjoy the empty spaces now available in your garage. You could turn it into an extra room for your hobbies or crafts with the kids. Unfortunately, organizing once doesn't mean you're organized for life. It's an ongoing process, and you should clean and organize at least once a month to ensure it stays organized.

Make sure you have the help of the family when cleaning and organizing. They'll be more likely to keep it clean plus they might have some input in how the items are stored.